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State Duma Rejects Bill On Confiscation Of Property Of Terrorists’ Families

Posted by Info on 10/09/2010

The Committee for Security of the Russian State Duma has recommended the lower chamber to vote down the amendments to the law on counter-terrorism prepared by the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, which involves the confiscation of property of the terrorists’ families and handing it over to the relatives of victims of terrorist attacks.

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UN General Assembly: Global Cooperation And Dialogue To Combat Terrorism

Posted by Info on 10/09/2010

NY General Assembly 9 September 2010

New resolution ( also in Russian) was adopted last night at the end of a plenary session on the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

The General Assembly reaffirmed that it is the primary responsibility of Member States to implement the strategy, while recognizing the need to enhance the important role played by the UN. The Strategy was adopted unanimously by the General Assembly in September 2006 and remains the strategic framework and practical guidance on joint efforts by the international community to counter terrorism.

The UN Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force should also interact with Member States, including by providing quarterly briefings and comprehensive reports on its current and future work to ensure transparency and to enable them to assess the work being done and provide policy guidance and feedback on implementation efforts.

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Medvedev: Parliamentary Democracy Would Be Catastrophic For Russia

Posted by Info on 10/09/2010

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev shows his suspicion of Western systems of government.

Medvedev said Russia does not want a system like that of Kyrgyzstan, which is due to elect a strong parliament in October after agreeing constitutional changes that decreased the powers of the president.
“But for Russia — and I fear for Kyrgyzstan — parliamentary democracy is a catastrophe.”

Russian politics is dominated by the president and his powerful prime minister, Vladimir Putin, with the pliant parliament usually only providing a loyal rubber stamp for legislation proposed from above.

Medvedev admitted that Russia had endured a “difficult relationship” with democracy in its history and amid the chaos after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s many had associated democracy with poverty.

Anyone who says that Russia has a totalitarian system is “either lying or has a terrible memory,” he said. Medvedev said protests were “normal” but had to take place “within the limits of the law”. “Democracy is not only about freedom but also self-restriction.”

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«Перестройка: От Милицейского Произвола К Профессиональной Полиции»

Posted by Info on 10/09/2010

В Санкт-Петербурге была представлена брошюра известных оппозиционных политиков Ильи Яшина и Владимира Милова «Перестройка МВД: от милицейского произвола к профессиональной полиции». В ней приведены примеры наиболее громких преступлений, совершенных сотрудниками милиции в последние годы.

«Запредельный уровень коррупции, произвол, немотивированная агрессия, пренебрежение к закону, некомпетентность – все это характерные черты современной правоохранительной системы нашей страны»..

Ниже приведены примеры наиболее громких преступлений, совершенных сотрудниками милиции в последние годы. Самым известным из которых стала (как написано в брошюре) «кровавая расправа над мирными гражданами, устроенная главой Царицынского ОВД Москвы майором Денисом Евсюковым. Из краденого пистолета он расстрелял посетителей районного супермаркета»

«Разложение системы правопорядка сегодня настолько масштабно, что вынуждает публично реагировать даже президента».

Мы обсуждали наши идеи непосредственно с работниками отделов внутренних дел еще до того, как они были опубликованы. Там есть огромный интерес увидеть какую-то свежую альтернативу: как могла бы российская правоохранительная система выглядеть.

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Russia Official: “You Can’t Observe Human Rights To Obsequiously”

Posted by Info on 10/09/2010

The deaths of 19 people in an explosion at a busy market in Vladikavkaz yesterday drew a characteristically robust approach from the Russian government. Once again (withouth learning any lessons) the government demands a strong line.

President Dmitry Medvedev was promising to destroy “those beasts” responsible for a “heinous terrorist act”.
Ruslan Kastuyev, the head of United Russia’s executive committee in North Ossetia: “You can’t be too liberal in these situations and you can’t observe human rights to obsequiously.”

“YOU NEED AN APPROACH WHICH IS MORE CIVILIZED, SOFTER AND LESS MILITARY,” said Dr. Stefan Meister at the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin.

VIOLENCE BREEDS VIOLENCE” The government swooping down to kill does nothing to solve the situation. “This increases the activity of these terrorist groups and the state is not able to react [appropriately]. Maybe the state reaction is the reason we are getting more bombs.”

They made a lot of mistakes in the past and they tried to kill everyone who posed a problem, but they still have no idea how to develop in the long term. Many things are too late to amend and so they have to start again from the ground up and to build a policy that is able to develop the region and bring people to believe in state power.”

The North Caucasus should learn from outside .. otherwise you have only to “wait until the next bomb”. But outside help is not enough. There must be a single overall policy from Moscow. “I think that there is debate within the Russian elite but they have to change their policy…You still have competition between groups; the army say you must let them do their job and then you have people around Medvedev from the business community who say that this approach is not working.”

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