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Posted by Info on 14/09/2010

One step too far is the trigger to start the explosion.
The first chip out of a packet leads to the consumption of them all.
One puff of a cigarette creates a gateway to smoking.
One swig of alcohol leads to the blunders of a drunk.
One sniff of cocaine to the never ending lines.
One ending of a life to the death of many more.

We are horrified by the thought of one man killing another; we may claim him to be sick, disturbed or whatever else. If he continues and the number of those killed increases over 10, we are not able to handle it. The idea of hundreds and thousands of men, women and children being killed by one person is so far beyond our understanding we don’t even bother to comprehend it. But then again…why is there such a small difference between the death of 3,241 and 3,242,
yet such as enormous difference between killing none and killing one?

Once that initial line has been crossed, what is the difference between one and two?
From the most trivial of issues – how many chips are left in a packet?
To the most grave – how many tortured or murder victims?

Once the first step is taken, those that follow are smaller and much closer together.
They might not seem like a big deal, but they define a person from then on.

Isn’t that a good reason not to eat that first chip?
Or smoke that first cigarette?
Or torture the first victim?
To no start something that might be later regretted?

A toe across the line is still crossing it…”it has never been proven, but somehow the dark side does have cookies”.
by Katt Andryskova

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OSCE Chair = Kazakhstan Extradites Kyrgyz Citizen To Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 14/09/2010

Kazakh officials have extradited a Kyrgyz citizen of Uzbek origin to Uzbekistan wanted in Uzbekistan for alleged involvement in the murder of two Uzbek police and participation in extremist and terrorist activities.
Meanwhile, 29 Uzbek citizens detained by Kazakh authorities as illegal immigrants have been held in Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee jail since mid-June.

Mutavar Suleimanova said if her husband is extradited to Uzbekistan he might be sentenced to death or life in prison for being a devoted Muslim.
“We have nothing to do with religious extremism. We are ordinary Muslims, praying five times a day. If Kazakhstan does not want to have us as refugees, we will seek asylum in another country.”

Aubakirov, who met with the women in front of the Almaty City Prosecutor’s Office, told them that on August 31 the United Nations’ High Commissioner’s Office in Almaty annulled its decision to provide the detained Uzbek nationals with refugee status and therefore the Kazakh Prosecutor-General’s Office has decided to extradite all of them to Uzbekistan.
This is some new version, isn’t it?

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New Head Of U.N. Office On Drugs And Crime Is Russian Diplomat

Posted by Info on 14/09/2010

A Russian diplomat Yury Fedotov pledged to focus on public health and human rights Monday on his first day as the U.N.’s head of Office On Drugs And Crime. He until recently was the Kremlin’s top envoy to Britain.

The Vienna-based agency, established in 1997, helps nations fight illicit drugs, terrorism, corruption and international crimes such as human trafficking and money laundering.

In June, AIDS activists and others had urged U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon NOT to appoint Fedotov, saying they were concerned that Russia’s poor record on human rights and HIV would severely damage the agency’s credibility.

Ban said he picked Fedotov for the post because of his credentials, experience and expertise.

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UN Rights Chief Hits Russia on Murders Of Journalists and Rights Defenders

Posted by Info on 14/09/2010

GENEVA — The United Nations’ human rights chief criticized Russia on Monday for failing to bring to justice the killers of journalists and rights campaignersin a speech to the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council.

Navi Pillay also sharply criticized Azerbaijan and Belarus, marked a ratcheting up of her determination to point to alleged abuses wherever they occurred.

“In Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation, little progress has been achieved to bring to justice the perpetrators of murders and attacks against [rights] defenders which occurred during the past few years.”

Civil society groups have been hit by laws and other measures restricting their action in many states, including Belarus.
There was no immediate reaction from any of the countries named, but diplomats said they were likely to respond later.

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Дело О Клевете На Кадырова “”Мемориал” Выводят На Связь С Боевиками”

Posted by Info on 14/09/2010

Слушается дело о клевете на Рамзана Кадырова.
В мировом участке Хамовнического суда столицы вчера было оглашено обвинительное заключение по уголовному делу председателя правозащитного общества “Мемориал” Олега Орлова. Господин Орлов обвиняется в клевете на главу Чечни Рамзана Кадырова, однако свою вину признавать отказывается.
Адвокат господина Кадырова Андрей Красненков пообещал не только добиться для господина Орлова максимального наказания (до трех лет лишения свободы), но и доказать связь “Мемориала” с чеченскими боевиками.

В обвинительном заключении сказано, что Олег Орлов летом прошлого года обвинил президента Чечни Рамзана Кадырова в причастности к убийству правозащитницы, сотрудницы грозненского отделения “Мемориала” Натальи Эстемировой.

Однако самое громкое заявление сделал господин Красненков. “Я обязательно обнародую в суде информацию о том, что Эстемирова составляла фальсифицированные жалобы о судьбе одного из боевиков, которого защищал “Мемориал”, и представлю сведения Интерпола по работе “Мемориала” в Чечне”,— пообещал он, добавив, что будет просить для господина Орлова “максимально строгого наказания”. “Представления не имею, о чем идет речь,— прокомментировал “Ъ” эти слова господин Орлов.— Не думаю, что они смогут сказать больше, чем в ходе гражданского дела”.

Следующее заседание по делу Олега Орлова намечено на 27 сентября.

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In 2010 Terrorism-related Crimes Increased To 489 In North Caucasus

Posted by Info on 14/09/2010

Since the beginning of the year, 489 terrorism-related crimes have been registered in the North Caucasus Federal District.

Rashid Nurgaliyev, Russian interior minister said on Monday that it is necessary to establish a united law enforcement system in the region.:
“Militant leaders actively recruit young people with extremist views. The terrorists skillfully use drawbacks in the economy, local authorities’ miscalculations and unemployment as the main reasons triggering extremism. The criminals should face severe punishment”.

Will it indeed help??

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