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Russia: Rights Groups Undergo Surprise Checks – Ready in 2 Hours

Posted by Info on 15/09/2010

The prosecutors’ requests, mostly sent out late Monday and Tuesday, ask the groups to provide organizational and financial documents as well as other paperwork.
The checks, ordered by Moscow prosecutors, are targeting Moscow Helsinki Group; Golos, an independent elections watchdog; the Center for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights; and the Russian branch of Transparency International, among others.

The checks are supposed to examine how amendments to legislation on nongovernmental organizations passed in recent years are being implemented, the City Prosecutor’s Office said on its web site Tuesday.
A 2005 law stepped up state control over nongovernmental organizations and increased the amount of bureaucratic red tape that they have to deal with.
Rights defenders were unconvinced by prosecutors’ explanations Tuesday, calling them an excuse for a crackdown. But they could not say what exactly had prompted the checks.
“All this is a massive assault on all nongovernmental organizations — all those that get foreign financing”

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PACE: Information Note From Co-rapporteurs After Visiting Russia

Posted by Info on 15/09/2010

The PACE co-rapporteurs on Russia, György Frunda (Romania, EPP/CD) and Andreas Gross (Switzerland, SOC) prepared an information note published last Thursday on their fact-finding visits to Moscow and Murmansk in March 2010.

They were concerned about a failure to liberalise electoral legislation sufficiently and considered that more progress was needed to strengthen pluralist democracy and speed up the reform of justice. They welcomed the Russian authorities’ clear political will to co-operate with the Assembly and engage in open dialogue on Russia’s obligations and commitments.

The co-rapporteurs will prepare a report by the end of 2010 for plenary debate in spring or summer 2011.

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Прокуратура Москвы Начала Проверки Правозащитных Организаций

Posted by Info on 15/09/2010

Московская прокуратура потребовала от районных подразделений провести проверку целого ряда общественных некоммерческих организаций (НКО).
По словам руководителя российского отделения Transparensy International Елены Панфиловой, факсы из районных прокуратур с требованием представить документы, включая учредительные, финансовые и прочие, стали поступать 13 и 14 сентября.
Два часа на подготовку документов
Панфилова отметила, что в НКО стали узнавать о требованиях одновременно, “когда проводили рабочее заседание Совета при президенте России по развитию институтов гражданского общества и правам человека”.

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