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Book: THE NEW NOBILITY- Reading For Those With Naive Hopes About Russia

Posted by Info on 18/09/2010

The publication of the “The New Nobility” in English is welcome; it should be essential reading for those who hold naïve hopes about Russia’s development or who pooh-pooh the fears of its neighbors.

The book ( to buy here in Amazone) provides a detailed history of the FSB’s ascendancy over the past decade. It describes how Mr. Putin turned to the agency to consolidate his power. (The authors do not share the notion, held by some Russia-watchers, that it was the FSB—in those days a demoralized and chaotic outfit—that actually put Mr. Putin into the top job.) We’re told that Mr. Putin gave the agency a seat at Russia’s “head table,” but “trough,” rather than table, might be more accurate.

..the FSB is compared to the ruthless Mukhabarat, or religious police, found in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries: impenetrable, corrupt and ruthless.….

The authors Mr. Soldatov and Ms. Borogan also present a chilling account of how the FSB, along with the prosecutor’s office and the interior ministry, has closed down independent political life in Russia, intimidating bloggers and trade unionists, infiltrating and disrupting opposition parties, and tarring all critics of the regime as “extremists.”

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Freelancer In Uzbekistan Denies Slander Charges

Posted by Info on 18/09/2010

Abdumalik Boboev, Uzbek reporter for U.S.-funded Voice of America radiosaid is charged with slander, distributing materials that pose a threat to public order, and illegally crossing Uzbekistan’s state border.

“I told them that in my reports I had covered events objectively.” he claims.

Boboev, 41, was among several journalists summoned by the Prosecutor-General’s Office last year for questioning about their “unaccredited” journalistic activities in the country.

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Chechen Separatist Leader Zakayev Detained In Warsaw But Walks Free

Posted by Info on 18/09/2010

In 2002, British authorities granted political asylum to Zakayev and he currently lives in London. He came to Warsaw to take part in the World Congress of Chechen People.

Zakayev was detained in Warsaw while on his way to the Polish prosecutor’s office to present materials relating to a Russian extradition request for him on terrorist charges. Moscow wants Zakayev to return to Russia to face terrorism, murder, kidnapping and other charges and prosecutors said following his arrest that they were preparing an extradition request.
But he walked out of a Polish court on Friday evening several hours after he was arrested at Russia’s request. Polish prosecutors asked the Warsaw District Court to extend Zakayev’s arrest for 40 days but their petition was rejected.

Russia placed Zakayev on the international wanted list in 2001. Russia has repeatedly asked Britain to extradite him, but the request has invariably been refused.

“Zakayev practices a democratic religion, calls for secularism and prefers laws established by people to the law of Allah.

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