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My Story Of 124 Days Of Detention By Uzbek Security Agencies

Posted by Info on 19/09/2010

Is Uzbekistan a country where a foreign citizen can be locked like LIVE MEAT for 124 days and then deported with out even knowing why he was locked and why he has been deported?

Haroon Choudhry story:

“…At the time of my arrest I had Valid Visa and Registration documents….I was not shown any arrest warrant, reason for my arrest and in fact cheated and asked to sign a hand written application which I afterward found was not for getting my passport back , as I was told…Tashkent officers did not allow access to advocate inspite of many requests… I was never produced in front of any Prosecutor and thus detention warrants…Uzbek Security Agencies were providing wrong and false information to the Embassy and other persons trying to help me…During 124 days of my Detention I was not even told by any body why I was being detained and why I was being released and deported. I still have the same question and till now do not know why 124 Days of my life were stolen from me and I was dehumanized, mentally tortured, abused, caused serious damage to my personal reputation, my family…”

Just Think what other visitors, foreign investors, businessmen would think of Uzbekistan after listening to this story?

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Участники Варшавского Конгресса Призвали ООН Создать Трибунал По Чечне

Posted by Info on 19/09/2010

Под Варшавой завершился Всемирный конгресс чеченского народа, участники которого констатировали, что в последнее время мир практически забыл о чеченской проблеме.

Oдин из лидеров чеченских сепаратистов Ахмед Закаев заявил: «Погибло очень много людей, и чеченцев, и представителей других кавказских народов, и русских. Причем их смерти ничем не оправданы, поскольку результата, желаемого для себя, Россия так и не достигла»

Участники конгресса призвали ООН создать международный трибунал по Чечне, а ЕС и Совет Европы организовать конференцию по ситуации в республике с участием представителей России.

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