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Russia Criticized Polish Court’s Decision Not To Extradite Chechen

Posted by Info on 20/09/2010

Akhmed Zakayev, 51-year-old, wanted by Interpol since 2001 was arrested on Friday in Warsaw before his planned participation in the World Congress of Chechen People. Zakayev was taken into custody while on his way to the prosecutor’s office to present documents relating to a Russian extradition request for him on terror charges.

He was released hours later by Warsaw District Court, rejecting prosecutors’ request to extend his detention for 40 days. Later a Polish court’s decided not to extradite a separatist leader of the restive northern Caucasus Republic of Chechenya.

A former spokesman for killed Chechen separatist president Aslan Maskhadov, Zakayev was granted political asylum by Britain in 2003, and is currently acting as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ichkeria’s (as Chechen separatists term Chechnya) so-called government-in-exile.

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Russian Supreme Court Makes Revolutionary Decision – Defends Media

Posted by Info on 20/09/2010

The Supreme Court defends the media against ruinous lawsuits.
The plenum of Russia’s Supreme Court demanded that judges do not issue “ruinous” verdicts against the press and politicians. This involves anti-defamation lawsuits.

The new document includes amendments to the Supreme Court decree “On Mass Media.” They could be considered a continuation of the policy on democratization of public life and protection of the freedom of speech.

The problem goes far beyond individual lawsuits and individual media outlets. Journalists and politicians often face the choice: to express harsh criticism and publish survey results, or keep quiet out of fear of million-ruble lawsuits.Asking for millions from a small, poor newspaper will almost certainly ruin and destroy the publication. Thus, a decision in an anti-defamation case often becomes deadly for the losing party – the journalistic collective. Rather than being a celebration of justice, it becomes a reprisal.
Today, the Supreme Court cannot establish a maximum limit for compensation. This should be done by legislators.

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Верховный Суд Принял Важное Решение -Можно Назвать Революционным

Posted by Info on 20/09/2010

Пленум главного суда страны прямо потребовал от судей не выносить “разорительных” приговоров прессе и политикам. Речь идет об исках о защите чести и достоинства.
Новый документ – это поправки к постановлению Верховного суда “О средствах массовой информации”. Их можно назвать продолжением курса на демократизацию общественной жизни и защиту свободы слова.

Проблема выходит далеко за рамки отдельно взятых процессов и отдельно взятых СМИ. Журналисты и политики часто стоят перед выбором: высказать резкую критику, обнародовать результаты расследования или промолчать, опасаясь миллионных исков.
Сегодня Верховный суд самостоятельно не может установить верхний предел компенсации этим должны заняться законодатели.

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Помогут Северному Кавказу Депортацией? – богатых оставят жить на месте, а бедных отправлять на Дальний Восток?

Posted by Info on 20/09/2010

В недавно одобренном Владимиром Путиным проекте стратегии развития Северо-Кавказского федерального округа (СКФО), утверждают авторы многочисленных публикаций, впервые на официальном уровне ставится проблема сокращения доли “христианского” населения на территории федерального округа. В нем также предлагается создать специальное государственное Агентство трудовой миграции, которое занялось бы организацией расселения безработных и малоимущих жителей Северного Кавказа в российских регионах.

Ответственным за его разработку было назначено министерство регионального развития. На интернет-сайте Минрегиона в перечне официальных документов “проект комплексной стратегии Северо-Кавказского федерального округа до 2020 года” есть, однако полный его текст на данный момент недоступен. В пресс-службе Минрегиона на вопросы Радио Свобода отвечать отказались – отметив при этом, что с публикациями о проекте знакомы и никаких опровержений не готовят.

больше здесь

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In Sunday’s “terrorist act” In Tajikistan – At Least 23 Killed

Posted by Info on 20/09/2010

Tajikistan, a secular but mainly Muslim country which shares a 1,340-km border with Afghanistan, is battling growing Islamist radicalism and has imprisoned more than 100 members of banned groups this year alone.
Troops had been travelling to the region to reinforce roadblocks in the north of the country, a month after prisoners escaped from a detention centre in Dushanbe. Security sources said that the escaped prisoners included citizens of Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Russia. Many were sentenced in August for organising a coup in Tajikistan.

“At least twenty-three soldiers were killed and 10 wounded in the Rasht valley.”

Defence Ministry spokesman said Sunday’s “terrorist act” had been carried out by militants linked to former warlords who fought against the government in a civil war in the 1990s. “These are mercenaries of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation who, under the guise of the sacred religion of Islam, are attempting to turn Tajikistan into an arena for feudal wars.”

Tajik President Imomali Rakhmon left for New York hours before the attack to attend the U.N. General Assembly. Last week, Tajikistan said it had killed at least 20 Taliban fighters and lost one officer in a clash on the Afghan border.
Tens of thousands were killed in the 1992-1997 civil war between factions reflecting overlapping political, religious and clan loyalties.

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