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В Федеральном Списке 700 Экстремистских Материалов Выявлены Повторы

Posted by Info on 22/09/2010

Многие пункты федерального списка экстремистских материалов не позволяют идентифицировать, что именно запрещено.

Некоторые материалы повторяются в списке несколько раз. При этом непонятно, кто и как должен отслеживать и изымать экстремистскую литературу и компьютерные файлы после их запрета. Таковы выводы представленного вчера доклада информационно-аналитического центра «Сова» о применении в России антиэкстремистского законодательства.

К середине нынешнего года число пунктов в Федеральном списке экстремистских материалов превысило 700. Эксперты «Совы» отмечают, что «составители не в состоянии фиксировать все безошибочно, в результате чего в списке возникают повторы». Наказать за это некого – Минюст является лишь техническим регистратором и никакого конкретного составителя, который решает, что именно попадет в список, не существует.

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Government Represents Just 4% Of Russians, Medvedev 71% and Putin 38%

Posted by Info on 22/09/2010

According to an opinion poll: . Just 4 % of Russians feel the government is acting in the interests of the general public.

While President Dmitry MEDVEDEV retains a high level of popular support – polling 71 % this year (69% a year ago.) His admirers also cited his good looks (16 %) and honesty (14 %), while half the replies could not name a bad point. The most common criticisms were a lack of clear political qualities and his connections with Putin and the lack of his own agenda, suggesting that the ruling tandem is not widely endorsed among the public.

Prime minister Vladimir PUTIN’s popularity has been consistent over the past decade, with 38% saying they can say nothing bad about him and only 6 % with nothing good to say about his time in office.

The public highlighted increased quality of life for the common people (43 %) and Russia’s return to being a great power (36 %) as his greatest achievements, while 22 % highlighted his on-going reforms and efforts to improve social welfare.
But almost a third said Putin failed to ensure a fairer distribution of the country’s wealth as the economy rocketed during his time in office, and more than a quarter are still unhappy that the general public was never compensated for the cash lost during the “shock therapy” reforms of the 1990s.

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Putin’s New Project: Helping North Caucasus through Deportation -To solve Terrorism?

Posted by Info on 22/09/2010

According to the authors of numerous publications, the Draft Strategy for the Development of the North Caucasian Federal District (SKFO) recently approved by Vladimir Putin brings forth for the first time on the official level the issue of reduction of the share of “Christian” population in the territory of the Federal District.
It also proposes to create a special Public Labour Migration Agency that would be engaged in the organisation of resettlement of jobless and needy residents from the North Caucasus to the Russian regions.

The Ministry of Regional Development was appointed responsible for the development of the Strategy. One can find the Draft Complex Strategy of the North Caucasian Federal District until 2020 on the Internet site of the Ministry of Regional Development in the list of official documents. However, the full text of the Strategy is currently inaccessible. The Press-Service of the Ministry of Regional Development refused to answer the questions put by Radio Freedom noting at the same time that they are familiar with publications on this issue and are not preparing any refutations.

In 2010 Terrorism-related Crimes Increased To 489 In North Caucasus
Kadyrov, largely credited by the Kremlin vowed to continue pursuing Islamist fighters until they “are completely destroyed”. “The fighting of bandits does not stop. In fact, it goes on in a regular, systematic way and recently there have been good results…” Medvedev said.

The Kremlin argues that the billions of dollars it has poured into the North Caucasus, where unemployment in places is as high as 50 percent, and try to help turn youths away from joining the insurgency.

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Председатель Мосгорсуда Пожаловалась На Давление Криминала

Posted by Info on 22/09/2010

Председатель Мосгорсуда Ольга Егорова заявила о том, что давление на судейский корпус со стороны криминального мира приобрело беспрецедентные масштабы.

По словам Егоровой, с начала 2010 года 13 судей обратились за защитой, один из них был убит. Также председатель Мосгорсуда пожаловалась, что угрозы поступали и в ее адрес. Ольга Егорова отметила, что это первый подобный случай за 40 лет работы в судебной системе.
Председатель Мосгорсуда добавила, что обращавшиеся за защитой судьи рассматривали различные дела, включая уголовные дела о тяжких преступлениях, а также о кражах, грабежах и незаконном обороте наркотиков.

В августе 2010 года Судебный департамент при Верховном суде РФ направил министру внутренних дел Рашиду Нургалиеву письмо, в котором проинформировал его об обеспокоенности судей собственной безопасностью. В послании подчеркивалось, что из девяти убийств судей, совершенных за три года, раскрыты только два. Также судьи заявили, что нераскрытыми остаются и другие преступления в отношении работников судебной системы.

В апреле в Москве был убит судья Мосгорсуда Эдуард Чувашов. Следователи связали преступление с рофессиональной деятельностью судьи как всегда…

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Constitutional Court Orders Moldovan Parliament To Disband – Small Country = Big Mess

Posted by Info on 22/09/2010

The ruling of the Constitutional Court is binding and final, coming into force after its official publication. Now the acting president of Moldova can and must sign a decree to dissolve the parliament and set a date for an early election.”
The new parliamentary election is expected in late November.

Moldova’s parliament has been deadlocked between the Communist Party and an alliance of liberal and national parties. The opposition between the two sides prevented each from succeeding in making its candidate become the new president, who is elected by MPs in Moldova. Both attempts – on October 23, 2009 and on December 7, 2009 – failed.

Then a national referendum on amendments to the Moldovan Constitution held on September 5 brought no result either: it was declared invalid due to low voter turnout. The citizens were to decide if the president should be elected directly, or – as it is now – by the parliament.

The pro-Western coalition came to power in July 2009 following eight years of Communist rule. Back in April 2009, after the communists gained victory in the parliamentary vote, the international observers declared the elections were fair.

In spite thousands took to the streets of the capital Chisinau. The protest rally turned violent and the crowd stormed the presidential palace and parliament, burning and damaging everything on their way. Days of unrest resulted in hundreds or people injured. In July 2009, a second election was held bringing the opposition to power.

After ex-President and Communist leader Vladimir Voronin’s resignation in September last year, the Parliamentary Speaker and Head of the Liberal Party Mihai Ghimpu has remained acting president declared earlier : God’s will – his land would be inhabited by Romanians and Russia – by Russians, France – by French people, Germany – by Germans“
One wonders what the president plans to do with the rest of Moldovans as there are next to Moldovan/Romanian 78.2%, als Ukrainian 8.4%, Russian 5.8%, Gagauz 4.4%, Bulgarian 1.9%, other 1.3%;

Poorest country in Europe – Moldova with its corruption / nepotism – country run by family – “here we go again.”

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