Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Government Represents Just 4% Of Russians, Medvedev 71% and Putin 38%

Posted by Info on 22/09/2010

According to an opinion poll: . Just 4 % of Russians feel the government is acting in the interests of the general public.

While President Dmitry MEDVEDEV retains a high level of popular support – polling 71 % this year (69% a year ago.) His admirers also cited his good looks (16 %) and honesty (14 %), while half the replies could not name a bad point. The most common criticisms were a lack of clear political qualities and his connections with Putin and the lack of his own agenda, suggesting that the ruling tandem is not widely endorsed among the public.

Prime minister Vladimir PUTIN’s popularity has been consistent over the past decade, with 38% saying they can say nothing bad about him and only 6 % with nothing good to say about his time in office.

The public highlighted increased quality of life for the common people (43 %) and Russia’s return to being a great power (36 %) as his greatest achievements, while 22 % highlighted his on-going reforms and efforts to improve social welfare.
But almost a third said Putin failed to ensure a fairer distribution of the country’s wealth as the economy rocketed during his time in office, and more than a quarter are still unhappy that the general public was never compensated for the cash lost during the “shock therapy” reforms of the 1990s.

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