Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Belarusian Authorities Ignore UN Recommendations

Posted by Info on 27/09/2010

Final document on Belarus within the frameworks of the Universal Periodic Review was stated for September, 23 at the 15-th session of UN Human Rights Council.

Belarusian delegation accepted technically more than 75 out of 93 recommendations voiced by foreign governments. But most of the accepted recommendations bear broad and indistinct wording, like “to continue efforts on education in the sphere of human rights” and “further dialog among religions”. The most fundamental recommendations concerning human rights have not been accepted.

“With greater regret we perceived the fact that Belarus refused to accept recommendations of foreign governments on most fundamental issues. They are: abolition of capital punishment or, at least, introduction of moratorium, ensuring freedom of assembly and associations, simplifying the registration procedures for nongovernmental organizations and political parties, abolition of Article 193-1 (abolition of criminal responsibility for participation in unregistered organizations)”, – CIVICUS representative stated.

The representatives of Egypt, Cuba, Algeria, Uzbekistan, and China were satisfied with the review of Belarus and said no word of critic about the progress in the sphere of political and civil rights.

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