Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

German Human Rights Commissioner Reports Little Progress In Russia

Posted by Info on 29/09/2010

Germany’s human rights commissioner, Markus Loening, who just returned from Russia, says non-governmental organizations in the country are still suffering under an unsympathetic government.
Loening said: “All in all, the NGOs spoke of consistently bad human rights conditions, and of the consistently difficult work that they have to do. I take my hat off to these people who involve themselves despite these adversities, and face things such as imprisonment and criminal charges.”

Tanya Lokshina, Human Rights Watch, supports this view…. as far as the actual situation on the ground is concerned it does remain very dire. I’m talking about the plight of human rights groups, the pressure on civil society, and the ongoing crisis in the Northern Caucasus region.”

Lokshina insists that the international community, and Europe, can play a part in improving human rights conditions in Russia. “The more officials from the European Union member states visit Russia the better, because international scrutiny always does help – at least it helps reduce the number of abuses by the mere fact that the government is aware that it is being watched.”

It seems clear that conditions on the ground in Russia aren’t going to change anytime soon. But what Lokshina and the German human rights commissioner both agree on is that countries like Germany must continue to let Russia know that rights abuses there are not going unnoticed.

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