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Education Ministry: Youth Need To Be Taught What Is Extremism /Terrorism

Posted by Info on 30/09/2010

Uzbekistan: Malika Ormonova’s 23-year-old son, Gorib, was arrested 18 months ago on charges of possessing extremist literature and participating in extremist activities; he is now serving a 12-year sentence.
“He was accused of belonging to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. I had never even heard about this (organisation) before the arrest. Now I am left all alone in my old age.” He writes her letters from prison. “He says he didn’t understand what he was doing and that he regrets it.”
She added: “Before, young people had good heroes whom everyone tried to copy, and all of this took root from early childhood. (Now) they see that the thieves and gangsters drive expensive cars, wear nice suits and live in villas.”

State Committee on National Security, who asked to remain anonymous:
Educating young people with good role models is probably one of the highest priorities today. Talks with the Education Ministry are already under way, and there is a possibility of slight changes to the school curriculum. For example, we could add the subject of Islam to the curriculum as Tajikistan did in order to explain to children what Islam is and what extremism is.

“In Uzbekistan, regular people do not like to talk about terrorism and extremism. Everyone thinks … the less they bring it up, the better. But we need to talk with teenagers about how there is terrorism and extremism…”

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