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Страсбург Не Выдержал:Жалобы Россиян Вернули На Национальный Уровень

Posted by Info on 01/10/2010

Европейский суд по правам человека (ЕСПЧ) вынес решение, согласно которому эта инстанция не будет принимать жалобы россиян на судебную волокиту вплоть до исчерпания ими всех возможностей получения “адекватной и достаточной компенсации на национальном уровне”.

На такую меру в Страсбурге пошли в связи с вступившим в мае 2010 года в России законом “О компенсации за нарушение права на судопроизводство в разумный срок или права на исполнение судебного акта в разумный срок”. Согласно нововведению, в течение шести месяцев граждане России могут обжаловать решения об отказе в выплате компенсации и лишь в случае нового отказа они смогут обращаться в ЕСПЧ.

В мае 2010 года российские власти приняли так называемый закон о компенсации. Ссылаясь на этот нормативный акт, в конце сентября ЕСПЧ признал неприемлемыми жалобы сразу пятерых россиян.

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Georgia: New Institute Of Jury – Verdict Cannot Be Appealed

Posted by Info on 01/10/2010

According to the amendments to the Procedural Criminal Code, on October 1st 2010 the institute of jury is introduced. The jury will return a final verdict.

At the initial stage the jury will work only in Tbilisi, and deal with cases of felonies and murders. The group will include 12 people, and 2 more in a reserve. Their verdict cannot be appealed, unless the procedure was violated.

The jury will return verdicts in all cases except for the ones when proceeding from the crime’s character it will endanger their lives, or in cases of jury’s violation of the right for objective and just trial.

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Kyrgyzstan: Illegal Actions Of Law Enforcement Officers And Judicial Agencies

Posted by Info on 01/10/2010

Leaders of the civil society urge the interim president Roza Otunbayeva to take immediate measures against illegal actions of law enforcement officers and judicial agencies the made during investigations and proceedings against citizens charged with participation in the conflict happened in Osh and Jalal-Abad regions. “The trials are conducted with rude violations of the legislation: defendants are beaten up during trial and breaks before judges, executors and prosecutors while cases are carried in pretrial detention centers, offices of investigators and military units.

According to the human right center around 20 people beaten up defendants Sadykzhanov and Khaidarov in the presence of militia, judge, and executors in Kara-Suu district court; they also yielded nationalistic slogans. Requests of relatives to stop beating defendants were ignored. Besides, ether militia or prosecutors didn’t take adequate measures, human right defenders noted. They said also that defendants were beaten up cruelly during the trial conducted in the 7703 military unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) on September 29. Human right defenders say it is alarming that human rights are violated under connivance of judges and prosecutors.

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