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ФСО На Красной Площади – «Борьба Не С Терроризмом, А С Народом»

Posted by Info on 07/10/2010

5 и 6 октября Федеральная служба охраны училась предотвращать теракты и ликвидировать природные и техногенные катастрофы. В самом сердце столицы.
Но не только там. Ежегодные «крупномасштабные оперативно-тактические учения» в этот раз проходили также в Московской и Калужской областях и в Сочи.

Владимир, пожилой представительный мужчина, работает недалеко от Красной площади. Он уверенно заявил, что прекрасно знает смысл таких учений. По его словам, это борьба не с террористами, а с народом: «Кто грамотно мыслит, тот понимает, что не надо блокировать всю площадь, чтобы поймать одного преступника. Правители чувствуют себя неуверенно, вот и прячутся от народа. Они тренируются противостоять массовым беспорядкам».

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Voice Of America Reporter On Trial In Uzbekistan For His Accurate Reports

Posted by Info on 07/10/2010

Abdumalik Boboyev, an Uzbek journalist with U.S. government-funded Voice of America, is accused of insulting state officials and police through his reports.
Other charges include illegal entry into the country, a charge that Boboyev’s colleagues say stemmed from a clerical error with his passport. Boboyev, 41, faces up to eight years in prison if found guilty of all the charges against him.
“Mr. Boboyev, like all VOA journalists, is required to present accurate and balanced reports, and he should not be penalized for doing his job.”
The U.S. and British ambassadors sought to attend the court hearing, but were denied entry.The United States has expressed grave misgivings about the charges brought against Boboyev and urged Uzbekistan to stop the criminal prosecution of journalists.

“Use of the criminal justice system to punish journalists for freely expressed views … has a chilling effect on journalists throughout the country,” Ian Kelly, the U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Rights activists say that using charges such as defamation, slander and “insulting the nation’s honor” have become favored methods of the Uzbek authorities for silencing critics and stifling independent reporting. Free media are virtually nonexistent in Uzbekistan, and independent journalists are routinely denied accreditation, putting them at further risk of prosecution.

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How Much Power Does International Public Opinion Wield Over Kremlin?

Posted by Info on 07/10/2010

October 7 marks the fourth anniversary of the unsolved murder of Anna Politkovskaya, a reporter for Novaya Gazeta and an outspoken critic of the Kremlin who was killed in the elevator of her apartment building in Moscow.
Last Tuesday, a delegation from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an NGO based in New York City, met privately with the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, headed by Alexander Bastrykin, and discussed the progress of the investigations into the unsolved murders of Politkovskaya and 18 other journalists in Russia since 2000.

Five investigations into the murders of journalists would be reopened immediately followed this meeting. But despite promises by the Investigative Committee to bring the guilty parties to justice, journalist and human rights communities remain skeptical that these words will ever translate into deeds.

Tanya Lokshina, a Russia researcher at Human Rights Watch, said : “On the rhetorical level there seems to be a distinct change for the better, and Russia has really taken some steps to improve its standing in the international arena by demonstrating seeming openness to international scrutiny. But in reality the human rights climate and the media climate remains extremely hostile.”

The CPJ delegation attended the trial of Oleg Orlov, the director of the human rights NGO Memorial who has been charged with slandering Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the republic of Chechnya. The case was brought to court when Orlov publicly suggested that Kadyrov is responsible for the murder of Estemirova. He is being charged under a federal anti-defamation law, which is often criticized for being misused to curb the freedoms of journalists in Russia.

These pressures have led some journalists to make difficult decisions, said Alexander Cherkasov, a board member at Memorial. “The most worrying thing that we see is self-censorship. You create boundaries for yourself. The majority has a problem namely with this: they think ‘I won’t run into any problems if I stop myself in the first place’.”

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Chechnya Introduces Fine For Bride Kidnapping

Posted by Info on 07/10/2010

The southern Russian republic of Chechnya has introduced a fine of 1 million rubles ($33,400) for bride kidnapping.
Bride abductions are condemned by the Quran and illegal under Russian law, but some reports say the practice has increased significantly in recent years.

According to a BBC documentary filmed in Chechnya this summer, as many as one in five Chechen marriages begins with a woman being snatched off the street. The women are forced to marry their kidnappers to preserve the family honor and avoid triggering a blood feud.

“From now on both the perpetrator of the crime and the religious figure that pressurized the father of the seized girl to agree to her marriage with the thief will bear responsibility for kidnapping a bride. Thus the former is obliged to pay 1 million rubles to parents of the girl he kidnapped,” Chechnya’s mufti Sultan Mirzayev said.

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