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OSCE Urged To Stop Deportation Of Asylum Seekers To Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

Kazakhstan, the current chairman of the OSCE, has been criticised by Uzbek activists at a conference on human dimension in Warsaw for its intention to deport 29 asylum seekers to Uzbekistan.

Eight Uzbek citizens have been holding a protest since 5 October outside Victoria Hotel which is hosting the conference. They held placards saying that Uzbekistan is a country of torture and tyranny and questioning whether Kazakhstan which is violating the rights of Uzbek asylum seekers deserves to chair the OSCE.

Kazakhstan detained 29 Uzbek men who are members of a religious organisation persecuted in Uzbekistan in June 2010 after raiding houses in Almaty where the men were living with their families. Some of them had refugee status from the UNHCR.

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Trial Of Uzbek Journalist – US and British Embassy Not Allowed Into Courtroom

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

Tashkent’s Mirzo-Ulugbek district criminal court started hearings into the case of Voice of America correspondent Abdumalik Boboyev today.

The hearings were announced last night. Many human rights activists and journalists also missed the beginning of the court session. Moreover the access to the hearings was limited even though there were 12 empty seats in courtroom.

US and British embassy officials were not allowed into courtroom, even though some of them were Uzbek citizens. They were told that they needed permission from the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Court for this.
“The charges are based on an opinion of experts that had been prepared before the criminal case was opened. It is dated 2 February 2010, whereas the criminal case was opened on 15 February 2010,” the lawyer said. The hearings were postponed until 10 o’clock in the morning of 11 October.

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Chechen Refugees Held An Action Of Protest In Strasbourg

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

Chechen refugees who arrive in Europe come across a number of problems often connected with specific features of European laws and in such situations they are most of all afraid of deportation to Russia. Therefore by holding an action of protest on October, 6, in Strasbourg these people wished to draw public attention to their problems.

“Give us our right-to-life!” – that was the slogan of hundreds of Chechen refugees and members of human rights organizations at their manifestation in front of the building of Council of Europe in Strasbourg. They appealed to the French authorities demanding to consider the Chechens’ requests for a political asylum and provide them with normal living conditions.

Already for several months Chechen refugees have been trying to find a solution of their problem in Strasbourg. Problems start from the moment when the Chechens cross the border of EU in Poland and submit a dossier for getting a political asylum but they complain they do not feel safe there. When they do not get the refugee status they run a risk of being deported back to Russia, Chechnya. That is why they have come to France with a new request.

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Kyrgyz Election Leads To Disintegration

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

Kyrgyzstan will elect its parliament on Sunday, October 10. During the 20 years since independence, the republic has seen numerous dramatic events, becoming impoverished and losing practically all the resources for its economic development.

RT: What is the reason behind Kyrgyzstan’s perpetual instability? It has no oil, no particular resources, but in the past 20 years they have had two major massacres and two “color revolutions.”

Daniil Kislov: In the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan was always a subsidized region. After 1991, its industry went belly-up. Nobody subsidizes it any longer. Kyrgyzstan’s foreign debt is growing and there are no prospects of economic development in sight. The country in reality is tribal strife, massacres and riots instigated by bandits and drug barons.

RT: What role does the United States play in Kyrgyzstan’s destabilization? It was in Kyrgyzstan that the US set up a military base in 2001.
DK:The United States needs nothing from the region except that they want to be able to have a military base there. The US has made it clear that it won’t help Kyrgyzstan get out of the hole. It won’t go out of its way to repay Kyrgyzstan for the opportunity to have a base on its territory. The United States prefers to give a handout to Kyrgyz officials….This money won’t reach the people. Not a single congressman cares about the situation in Kyrgyzstan.

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В Чечне За Похищение Невесты Введен Штраф В Размере 1 000 000 Рублей

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

В Чеченской республики против похищения невест вводятся беспрецендентные меры.

“Отныне ответственность за умыкание невесты понесет как виновник преступления, так и религиозный деятель, под чьим давлением отец похищенной девушки дал согласие на ее брак с похитителем. При этом последний обязан выплатить 1 млн руб. родителям украденной им девушки. Имам или кадий, который, пользуясь своим авторитетом, окажет психологическое давление на отца девушки, лишится своей должности и, более того, духовного звания”.

Муфтий подчеркнул, что ответственность теперь будет нести и религиозный деятель, который благословил по шариатским законам брак с похитителем. “Религиозный деятель, благословивший брак с похитителем, лишится духовного сана”.

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Меркель Призвала Януковича Прояснить Судьбу Пропавшего Журналиста

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

Через два месяца после исчезновения на Украине журналиста Василия Климентьева, писавшего о разгуле коррупции в Харькове, канцлер ФРГ Ангела Меркель (Angela Merkel) призвала правительство в Киеве к скорейшему раскрытию этого дела.

Меркель затронула эту тему в телефонном разговоре с президентом Украины Виктором Януковичем, состоявшемся по инициативе украинской стороны. Разговор был посвящен развитию внутриполитической ситуации на Украине после того, как 1 октября Конституционный суд этой страны объявил неконституционной политическую реформу времен “оранжевой” революции, что открыло путь к возвращению президенту права назначать премьер-министра и других членов правительства.

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“War” Among Journalists Students In Moscow – Calendars For Putin’s B-day = 4 years After Journalist Politkovskaya Was Shot

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

Six Russian journalism students released a rival calendar after their colleagues’ scantily clad version in honour of Vladimir Putin.

A day after 12 journalism students
at Russia’s most prestigious university,which has produced some of the country’s finest journalists, including Politkovskaya, released a racy calendar in honour of Putin’s 58th birthday, six of their colleagues hit back with their own version, pointing to the murders and curbs on freedom under Putin.

Who killed Anna Politkovskaya?” asks Yekaterina Ulianova, posing, like all the young women, in a sombre black outfit with yellow tape sealing her mouth shut. Politkovskaya, a journalist who was one of the Kremlin’s toughest critics, was shot dead on Putin’s birthday four years ago today.

The students in both calendars study at Moscow State University’s journalism faculty, which has produced some of the country’s finest journalists, including Politkovskaya. That reputation was called into question on Wednesday, when 12 of its current students appeared in a calendar, titled “Vladimir Vladimirovich, We Love You! Happy Birthday, Mr Putin!”Dressed in lacy lingerie , each young woman had a word bubble stretching from her mouth with phrases like “Can I be your co-pilot?” and “How about a third go? “You put out the fires, but I’m still burning.”

” I was absolutely shocked,” said Liz Menschikova, one of the opposition calendar’s co-producers. “People were calling girls from the journalism faculty ‘sluts’. I knew we had to do something.”
Other women in her calendar say: “When will Khodorkovsky be freed?”, referring to the jailed former CEO of Yukos oil company, and “When will the next terrorist attack be?”

Some students Menschikova approached to take part in the calendar declined, saying they feared the repercussions, she said.

Some 50,000 copies of the first calendar have been printed. The opposition calendar, for now, is only available online.

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Журналиста Обвиняют В Шпионаже В Пользу Молдовы – Он Из Этой Же Самой Страны!

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

Сегодня исполняется полгода со дня ареста приднестровскими спецслужбами журналиста Эрнеста Варданяна. Адвокат семьи Варданян, Дойна-Иоана Стрэйстяну, предполагает, что дело журналиста направлено для рассмотрения в судебную инстанцию. И суд должен принять решение – будет продлён арест или нет.

Эрнеста Варданяна обвиняют в государственной измене и шпионаже в пользу Молдовы.

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”Реформы МВД Как Таковой Не Происходит”

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

Стремление российской власти к замене милиции полицией похоже на простую смену вывести. Более того, даже это происходит сегодня с большим трудом, то есть реформа фактически стоит на месте.
До сих пор видны были усилия президента, который зимой издал два указа, и скромная инициатива МВД, предложившего в интернете дискуссию на тему реформирования ведомства.
Обсуждение состоялось, однако результаты работы сайта, на котором любой гражданин мог оставить свое замечание и предложение, до сих пор неизвестны. О том, какие выводы были сделаны и какие предложения приняты к рассмотрению, руководство МВД никого не оповестило.

Сама реформа забуксовала фактически на точке старта. Несмотря на то, что МВД создало специальный оргкомитет по преобразованию милиции в полицию, даже эта инициатива до сих пор является лишь идеей, отметил Валентин Гефтер. Один из главных стопоров, по мнению члена экспертного Совета, – это отсутствие денег, которые должны были обеспечить реформу. “Денег на реформу никто не выделял, Впрочем, “дорожной карты” реформы МВД нет, поэтому и денег не дают”.

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Russia Calls Britain Refusal For Extradition As Double Standard To Fight Terrorism

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

At the PACE session in Strasbourg the Russian delegation said Europe needs to develop unified anti-terrorist legislation, to avoid double standards and harboring international terrorists.

Extremists are using the territory of some European countries to conduct propaganda operations and plan violence in other countries, said the deputy of the Russian delegation to PACE, Leonid Slutsky. As an example he cited the Chechen separatist emissary Akhmed Zakayev, for whom an international arrest warrant was issued in 2001, on charges of terrorism.

Evidence links Zakaev to 7 terrorist acts, including the killing of policemen. However, Zakayev lives freely in Britain, where he received political asylum and has been politically active.

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Transdniestrian Journalist Charged With Treason For Moldova = One State

Posted by Info on 08/10/2010

An independent journalist has been arrested in Moldova’s breakaway Transdniester region and charged with espionage and high treason. Ernest Vardanean’s wife said that he was detained by several men near their house in Tiraspol on April 7. She said her husband could face up to 20 years in jail if found guilty.

Vardanean is well-known in Moldova as an independent journalist whose articles and commentaries are often critical of officials in both Chisinau and Tiraspol.
Ion Manole, the chairman of the Promo-Lex human rights organization, says that Vardanean’s arrest is a warning to all nongovernmental organizations working in Tiraspol.

Some facts about Trans-Dniester:
The Transdniester region has a population of some 540,000, most of them ethnic Russians and Ukrainians. It declared independence from Moldova in 1990 and fought a brief war with Moldovan forces two years later. It is not recognized internationally.
The ongoing presence of Russian troops has been a stumbling block in peace talks and the West is concerned about the Soviet-era arsenal in the territory. A pull-out began in 2001 but was halted when Trans-Dniester blocked the dispatch of weapons. Subsequent agreements to resume failed to reach fruition.
In 2004 the Trans-Dniester authorities forced some schools to close, ostensibly for using the Latin alphabet to teach Moldovan. The dispute sparked tit-for-tat measures, including economic sanctions and a rail blockade.

Trans-Dniester contains most of Moldova’s industrial infrastructure, but its economic potential is limited by its international isolation. It has its own currency, constitution, parliament, flag and anthem. One of the last bastions of Soviet-style rhetoric, the territory has nonethless privatised some of its industrial enterprises.

The region is plagued by corruption, organised crime and smuggling
. It has been accused of conducting illegal arms sales and of money laundering. Poverty is widespread.

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