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Russia: Lawyer Beaten Up And Detained Accused Of Complicity To Terrorists

Posted by Info on 09/10/2010

Militiamen in Dagestan beat up Zinfira Mirzayeva, a lawyer, and detained her on accusation of complicity to terrorists, Alexander Cherkasov, member of the Council of “Memorial” Human Rights center, reported.

The Lawyer Zinfira Mirzayeva is an attorney of a man suspected of livestock theft. The mother of one of the militiamen who detained Zinfira Mirzayeva with the use of their authority interestedly is the complainant in the process.
Other details of the incident have not yet been reported. The above mentioned militiamen’s position has also not been commented on.

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The New Nobility: Brave Book Lays Bare Political Dominance Of Russia’s Secret Service – book sold out but reprinting

Posted by Info on 09/10/2010

The Russian President, Dimitry Medvedev has told an international forum, the Valdai Club, at the beginning of September 2010. “I categorically disagree with those who say that there is no democracy in Russia; that authoritarian traditions still rule.”

“THE NEW NOBILITY”charts the brief decline followed by the resolute resurrection of the KGB as a primary political force in the country. Or rather, Medvedev may not like it. Because every page in this book gainsays his claim in the most forceful fashion imaginable that democracy is now decisive in defining Russia’s political direction.

The authors describe how the KGB (or FSB as its primary reincarnation is known) suffered an acute trauma in consequence of the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1990 and the failed coup of August 1991 designed by hardliners in the KGB and the military. Dazed and disoriented by the brave new world of capitalism, a majority of generals and other senior ranks scuttled the Lubyanka, the KGB’s sepulchral HQ in central Moscow, and placed themselves at the service of the new moneyed class, the oligarchs and their imitators. There are apocryphal stories of how the skeletal remnants of this previously terrifying security service were compelled to sell off the Lubyanka’s lightbulbs and toilet paper supply to ward off extinction.

As the oligarchs started ruthlessly hoovering up the wealth of Russia’s rich natural resources, they also succeeded in exerting almost total control over President Boris Yeltsin, then sinking into the final stages of alcoholism and heart disease. .. It was the oligarchs who promoted a little-known apparatchik from St Petersburg, Vladimir Putin, into the centre of the Kremlin’s power on the assumption that this former KGB officer would be as malleable as his predecessor.
His old pals from the KGB were given the keys to the Kremlin and just about every other important building in Moscow….”

The New Nobility is not a work of Kremlinology. It is the product of two profoundly courageous Russian journalists who are meticulous about their reporting. They only publish information that they can properly document. They they will talk their way through to the front line of dramatic events such as the Nord-Ost siege, when Chechen terrorists took hostage an entire theatre audience.
It is because they are Russian and superbly professional journalists that this book offers dozens of insights that no outsider could provide. They are able to describe their enforced visits to the Lubyanka for interrogation, not to mention a brief spell in the dreaded Lefortovo prison for Soldatov….

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Letter To Karimov: Uzbekistan Should Drop Charges Against Journalists

Posted by Info on 09/10/2010

Islam Karimov, President of Uzbekistan,ul. Uzbekistanskaya 43, Rezidentsia prezidenta, 700163 Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan,Fax: +998 71 2395325, E-mail:

Dear President Karimov,

The Committee to Protect Journalists is deeply concerned by the politicized prosecution of two journalists: Abdumalik Boboyev, a stringer for the U.S. government-funded broadcaster Voice of America (VOA), and Vladimir Berezovsky, an editor for the news website Vesti. Both men are standing trial in Tashkent. If convicted, they face lengthy prison terms.
We ask you to ensure all charges against these journalists are dropped. We call on you to repudiate the systemic suppression of the press that has made Uzbekistan a leading jailer of journalists in Eurasia….
Boboyev is a freelance journalist who reported on corruption, human rights abuses, the weak economy and flaws in the healthcare system. This summer he was detained by police at the Uzbek-Kazakh border, where he was trying to photograph a group of Uzbek labor migrants.
Prosecutors later charged Boboyev with defaming and insulting unnamed government employees, law enforcement agencies, and the Uzbek judicial system, along with crossing a border illegally. They also charged him with producing and distributing materials that were a threat to public security with the help of a foreign agency–in this case, VOA. The case against Boboyev is based solely on his work as a journalist, VOA representatives told CPJ. His trial started on Thursday. If convicted, he faces up to 14 years in jail.
Berezovsky, the Russian editor of the Tashkent-based news website Vesti, told CPJ that he is being charged with defamation on the basis of 16 articles that appeared on his news site.

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Россия: Смертницы Вышли Из Дела

Posted by Info on 09/10/2010

Как стало известно “Ъ”, развалилось громкое дело о группировке шахидок, о раскрытии которой Национальный антитеррористический комитет заявлял в середине июля. Из восьми предполагаемых участников группировки под стражей остались только двое, да и их под суд отдадут только за незаконное хранение оружия.

Cпецслужбы получили информацию
о том, что в Махачкале бандподпольем ведется подготовка к совершению терактов с использованием смертниц на территории центральной части России. “В результате точных и своевременных действий подразделений ФСБ и МВД в одном из домов было задержано шесть женщин в возрасте от 15 до 29 лет и двое мужчин.”

<strong>”Ни одного факта, хотя бы косвенно подтверждающего утверждения о подготовке в лагере смертниц, в деле нет,— сказал адвокат Гучучалиев.— Тем не менее судья не удосужилась даже спросить, на чем основаны подобные выводы”.
В ближайшие недели, прогнозируют адвокаты, развалившееся “дело шахидок” дойдет до суда, и двум фигурантам придется отвечать лишь за незаконное хранение оружия.

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Книгa «Новое Дворянство»:ФСБ – В Фокусе Журналистских Расследований

Posted by Info on 09/10/2010

В новой книге «Новое дворянство» Андрей Солдатов и Ирина Бороган цитируют закон, принятый во время президентства Путина, который расширил понятие «ЭКСТРЕМИЗМ», включив в него критику государственных чиновников в СМИ. Солдатов сказал, что высокопоставленные российские чиновники используют юридическое давление, вплоть до тюремных заключений, чтобы заставить журналистов замолчать.

«Если вы нападаете на чиновников низкого ранга, уровня лейтенантов, полковников, майоров, то это может быть еще труднее и опаснее, – говорит Солдатов. – Та же самая проблема возникает с местными и региональными властями. Они чувствуют себя настолько неподконтрольными даже Кремлю, что свободно используют жесткие меры в отношении журналистов».

Жесткие методы включают нападения, которые приводят к сломанным костям, сотрясению мозга и даже смерти.

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