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“Peace Mission 2010” Was Largest SCO Military Exercise Outside Russia

Posted by Info on 10/10/2010

With 5,000 troops and considerable advanced military equipment, “Peace Mission 2010” was the largest SCO military exercise held from September 9-25 in southern Kazakhstan. All the member states of the SCO, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan sent at least one military unit to the war games except Uzbekistan, which pulled out at the last minute.Russia sent the largest amount of military equipment.

Several reasons might explain the varying size and length of the exercises over time. After the enormous 2005 exercise, the two armed forces might have wanted the drills to correspond to their actual experience fighting small groups of mobile terrorists with major military units. Russian analysts interpreted this as applying the lessons learned by Russian forces in the North Caucasus… Other reasons for the smaller scale of the 2007 and 2009 drills might include operational considerations (the shorter amount of time for preparation and the more genuine focus on counterterrorism).

The most recent exercise occurred against the backdrop of continuing ethnic-religious minority unrest in Xinjiang and Tibet, newly resurgent terrorist activity in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan and the Russian-controlled territories of the North Caucasus.

Ikram Adyrbekov, Kazakhstan’s ambassador to China said : “Peace Mission 2010” provided a “timely” demonstration of the SCO’s contribution to combat terrorism, separatism and extremism. “The capacities and financial assets of international terrorists remain sufficient enough to carry out destructive actions. “

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Kyrgyzstan: 52.4% Of Voters Took Part In Parliamentary Elections

Posted by Info on 10/10/2010

Preliminary data showed 52.4 percent of registered voters took part in Kyrgyzstan’s parliamentary elections on Sunday, the country’s top election official said, hailing the low figure as proof the vote was not rigged.
The commission was still waiting for figures from two regions, but he said turnout would not be reported at the unrealistically high levels seen during the presidency of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who was ousted amid violent public protests in April.

Violations had been registered during the vote
and vowed that every complainant would receive a response.

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Честным Милиционерам Не Надо Бояться Переаттестации

Posted by Info on 10/10/2010

Глава МВД РФ Рашид Нургалиев призвал честных милиционеров не опасаться переаттестации личного состава, планируемой в связи с реформой ведомства.

“Такая мера вызвана, в первую очередь, новыми требованиями к личному составу, сформулированными в ходе реформы МВД и в рамках подготовки закона “О полиции”. Профессиональным и честным сотрудникам нечего бояться, более того – аттестация позволит создать дополнительные гарантии для тех из них, которые опасаются субъективизма при оценке своего непосредственного руководства”, – сказал Нургалиев, выступая на церемонии принятия присяги курсантами Университета МВД России…“за этот участок работы персонально отвечает заместитель министра МВД РФ Сергей Герасимов”.

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UK: Biggest Spy Swap Since Cold War Like In George Orwell’s Novel 1984

Posted by Info on 10/10/2010

Mr Hague will make his first visit as foreign secretary to Russia on Wednesday, amid tentative signs that both countries are ready to upgrade relations spoilt by the 2006 murder of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko in London.
The Foreign Secretary is keen to promote British business interests in Russia, including the oil and gas sector.

Igor Sutyagin, who came to the Britain from a prison camp in July as part of the biggest spy swap since the Cold War, said Russia was reverting to its authoritarian past, and increasingly reminded him of George Orwell’s novel 1984. He has warned William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, not to shy away from raising difficult human rights issues when he visits Russia this week. “It is a question of how Britain sees itself. The strong must not pass injustice by. Maybe it will not help protect human rights but it is worth a try. If you want to sleep soundly and not reproach yourself later then there is a need to act.”

Mr Sutyagin, a former academic, was arrested by Russia’s FSB security service in 1999 and convicted on what he claims were trumped-up charges of passing military secrets to the United States.The Kremlin handed over him and three other men convicted of spying in exchange for ten men and women the FBI had accused of being deep-cover Russian agents in the US. “Russia today reminds me of the Soviet Union. There were too many lies and I see that those lies have returned. The same language employed in the Soviet Union is back and the same people with stony faces.”

Friends of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died in jail last year after being denied medical care, are anxious for Mr Hague to press home calls for a proper investigation, while allies of jailed oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky want him to ask the Kremlin about his second trial on charges..

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Kazachstan: 400 000 Persons In Trouble – UNHCR Proudly Announced Assisting 11 500 Persons Free-Of-Charge

Posted by Info on 10/10/2010

Four months on from the violence in southern Kyrgyzstan UNHCR staff there are reporting good progress to date in efforts to help the displaced and returnees.

June’s events in the southern cities of Osh and Jalalabad and nearby areas affected around half a million people. Close to 2,000 houses were damaged, and over 1,700 completely destroyed. Some 400,000 people were displaced, including the 75,000 returnees with many losing their personal documents in the process, creating subsequent difficulties for them in resuming a normal life.

UNHCR said: With our partners ACTED, the Danish Refugee Council and Save the Children we have been building 1,335 transitional emergency shelters, while ICRC has been building a further 370. As of now, 1,340 foundations have been laid and 841 shelters have had their walls finished or are already covered by roofs.
At the same time, we are supporting roving NGO legal clinics that provide free-of-charge legal counseling on land and property issues. During the last three months, some 11,500 people in Osh and Jalalabad regions have benefited from these activities.

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Страсбург Обязал Москву Выплатить Чеченцу 79 Тысяч Евро За Пытки И Пропавших Без Вести Девушек 321 Тысяча Еврo

Posted by Info on 10/10/2010

Россия признана Европейским судом по правам человека виновной в жестоких пытках чеченского учителя. Москву обязали выплатить пострадавшему компенсацию в размере 79 тысяч евро.
В обнародованном в четверг, 7 октября, постановлении Страсбургского суда указывается, что в 2000 году этого чеченца, которому тогда было 50 лет, забрали в милицию в столице Чечни Грозном. Сначала милиционеры избили его, а затем отрезали левое ухо.

Похищение чеченских девушек
В рамках другого дела суд в Страсбурге признал Москву виновной в похищении двух молодых чеченок соответственно в 2002 и 2003 годах. В постановлении отмечается, что, поскольку обе девушки до сих пор не найдены, с учетом ситуации в Чечне надо полагать, что их уже нет в живых.
Судьи также подчеркнули, что Россия не провела эффективного расследования с целью прояснить судьбу пропавших без вести чеченок, чем причинила их родственникам дополнительные страдания. Москву обязали выплатить семьям пропавших без вести девушек компенсации на общую сумму 321 тысяча евр

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Jailed Moldovan Journalist’s Trial Expected In Transdniester – His Confession Was Shown On TV

Posted by Info on 10/10/2010

The trial of jailed journalist Ernest Vardanean in Moldova’s breakaway Transdniester region is expected to start soon.
Vardanean’s wife, Irina, said that her husband was formally charged with espionage this week and his case was transferred to a court. According to Transdniestrian law, the court must issue a verdict within six months.

Vardanean, 34, was arrested on April 7 on suspicion of spying for Moldova’s secret services. His “confession” was subsequently shown on Transdniester’s local television channel. His family and colleagues say he made the confession under pressure. If found guilty, Vardanean could face up to 20 years in jail.

The Transdniester region, which is dominated by Russian speakers, won de facto independence after a short war in 1992 on fears that the post-Soviet, Romanian-leaning government would seek reunification with Bucharest. Transdniester’s sovereignty has not been recognized by any member of the United Nations and it has no official diplomatic relations with any countries.

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