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Georgia’s Visa Free Rules for North Caucasus

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

Russian citizens registered as residents of Russia’s republics in the North Caucasus will be able to enter into Georgia and stay in the country without visa for 90 days starting from October 13.
President Saakashvili signed a relevant decree on October 11.

The rule will apply to residents of Chechnya; Ingushetia; North Ossetia; Dagestan; Kabardino-Balkaria; Karachay-Cherkessia and Republic of Adygea, the Georgian Interior Ministry said on October 11. The reason behind the decision was to make travel of residents of those republics into Georgia easer through the only legally operating land border between Georgia and Russia.

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Polish Prosecutors To Investigate CIA Black Site Torture Allegations

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

The public prosecutor’s office in Poland has opened an investigation into claims by a Saudi national that he was tortured in a CIA secret prison in Poland. The Polish government maintains the prison never existed.
Polish prosecutors have accepted requests by a Saudi national to investigate his claims that he was tortured by the CIA on Polish territory.

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who the United States detained on suspicion of planning the deadly October 2000 attack on the USS Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden, says he was secretly flown to the remote Szymany military airfield in northern Poland, imprisoned and tortured by the American intelligence agency. Al-Nashiri is currently detained at the US military prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He filed a petition with prosecutors in Warsaw last month to investigate his case by interviewing a number of witnesses.

There have been repeated allegations that the CIA used Szymany from 2003 to 2005 as part of its “extraordinary rendition” program, under which terrorism suspects were flown to “black sites” outside US territory and interrogated under ambiguous legal circumstances.

Helsinki Foundation activist Adam Bodnar said: “If those facts are confirmed then it means a potential case against Poland in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. My feeling is that we are at the beginning of getting the truth.”

Arkadiusz Zukowski, a political scientist at Olsztyn University, said any official admission of guilt would be unlikely. “If one day the truth would be disclosed, the argument would be ‘You know, we have our privileged relations with the United States. We have to pay for it, for our security. The price is to send troops to Afghanistan, to Iraq and to take possible prisoners.”

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Nationalists Top Poll In Kyrgyzstan

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

The surprise election success of a nationalist Ata-Jurt party won most votes in the fairest elections ever fought in a region known for rigged votes. The party, which emerged top in a contest between 29 parties, favours a return to a strong presidency, a political model which has ended in the leader’s overthrow twice in five years. Sunday’s election was hailed by international observers and passed without violence and only minor reports of fraud.
Sunday’s vote followed the violent ousting of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev in April and clashes which left 88 people dead. Ethnic fighting two months later between Kyrgyz and Uzbek communities in the south of the country killed more than 400.

Five parties won seats in parliament, but Ata-Jurt, the leading party, gained only 9 per cent of votes. The fragmented result means that tough negotiations lie ahead to form a coalition.

President, Roza Otunbayeva, who came to power in the April uprising, hailed the vote as a triumph for democracy unprecedented in Kyrgyzstan’s chequered electoral history. “We haven’t known elections like this for the last 20 years.”
Under new rules, parliament will be the country’s main decision-making body, assuming more power than the President. The parties who will be represented in parliament are split between those who backed the shift of power and those who staunchly opposed the changes.

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“The diary of a lieutenant” Or “Slaves Of The OMON” = Moscow Riot Police

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

And February’s report has now apparently been backed up by Monday’s edition of the magazine, which ran detailed evidence from the diary to support the original “Slaves of the OMON” feature.

“The diary of a lieutenant” chronicling the alleged wrong-doings of Moscow’s riot police has surfaced – even as cops pursue a libel suit against the magazine which first criticised them. It drags conditions in the OMON back into the spotlight a few months after the New Times published a damning expose of institutionalised exploitation and extravagant corruption in the force.

Allegedly OMON officers forced to work 20-hour shifts and arrest at least three people a day were ordered to guard businessmen and gangsters who paid off their bosses. The force responded with a libel action and stormed the publication’s offices last month, prompting a furious response from editor Yevgeniya Albatz.

The diary, published on Monday it details a roster of the illegal extra hours the magazine originally brought to the public eye in “Slaves of the OMON”.
The magazine say that the diary was given to them by an unknown source, the police say it was stolen from police lieutenant Sergey Morkovin and if the diary is returned then OMON will not launch criminal proceedings, according to the magazine.

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Anti-terrorist Operations Continues In North Caucasus /Terrorist Activity Reduced by 12 % (?)

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

Police arrest 3 militants behind Vladikavkaz market attack.
National Antiterror Committee (NAK) said that those three militants, who are believed to be connected to Chechnya’s most wanted terrorist leader Doku Umarov, are also thought to be behind the bombing of a highway checkpoint in the same region.

NAK reported on Tuesday that it had killed 301 millitants and arrested 468 more in the North Caucasus region since the beginning of the year. The committe estimated that it has prevented 61 terrorist attacks in the region
The report said anti-terrorist operations would continue in the region.

“The measures we have taken have allowed us to reduce terrorist activity in the region by 12 percent compared to the same period in 2009,”
the report said.

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Спецслужба Украины Вела Слежку За Немецким Журналистом

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

СБУ признала, что вела наблюдение за корреспондентом немецкой газеты Frankfurter Allgemeine Конрадом Шуллером. МИД Украины заявил, что Шуллер нарушил украинское законодательство, работая без аккредитации.

Глава СБУ Валерий Хорошковский в интервью Frankfurter Allgemeine 10 октября признал факт слежки за Конрадом Шуллером. В качестве причины слежки он назвал проблемы с аккредитацией и выяснение того, в каком качестве Шуллер находился на Украине. Глава СБУ добавил, что проверка началась еще во время президентства Виктора Ющенко.

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Le Tadjikistan Menacé De «Talibanisation»

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

Le Tadjikistan est-il en voie de «talibanisation» ? Après l’Afghanistan, le Pakistan et le Kirghizstan, les chancelleries occidentales redoutent l’apparition d’un nouveau foyer de crise en Asie centrale.
Le spectre d’une nouvelle guerre civile hante …depuis le 19 septembre, d’une insurrection armée. Celle-ci semble gagner du terrain au vu des violents combats qui opposent l’armée tadjike à des groupes islamistes dans le district de Racht

Tout a commencé par une série d’incidents violents. Le 23 août, 25 prisonniers se sont évadés d’une prison de Douchanbé, surnommée ici Guantanamo.
Onze jours plus tard, une attaque suicide – modus operandi inédit au Tadjikistan – a été perpétrée contre un poste de police à Khoudjand, dans le nord du pays…. Dans la nuit du 5 au 6 septembre, sept personnes ont été blessées par l’explosion d’une bombe dans une discothèque de Douchanbé. Cet attentat pourrait être lié à un règlement de comptes mafieux
Enfin, le 19 septembre, un convoi militaire qui recherchait les évadés du 23 août a été attaqué par un groupe armé dans la vallée de Racht. L’embuscade a fait officiellement 28 morts parmi les soldats…. L’attaque a été revendiquée par le Mouvement islamique d’Ouzbékistan. Elle a été le prélude de combats qui semblent s’amplifier.
Il compterait de 2000 à 3 000 hommes venus de toute l’Asie centrale et aurait noué des contacts avec les séparatistes ouïgours de la province chinoise du Xinjiang. Le MIO rêve aujourd’hui d’instaurer un régime théocratique dans toute l’Asie centrale.

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Россия: Новый Закон Вступит В Силу В Следующем Году

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

“Российская газета” – Федеральный выпуск №5309 (230) от 12 октября 2010 г. Версия для печати

Сайт, на котором был опубликован законопроект “О полиции”, посетили 1,5 миллиона человек. Разработчики законопроекта получили от граждан 33 тысячи откликов, из которых более 20 тысяч – конкретные предложения.
Что за предложения поступили, какие из них будут приняты, насколько кардинально изменится первоначальный текст документа – об этом и многом другом рассказал “Российской газете” статс-секретарь – заместитель министра внутренних дел РФ генерал-майор милиции Сергей Булавин.

Российская газета: Сергей Петрович, какие новеллы законопроекта вызвали больше всего откликов, споров, предложений?
Сергей Булавин:
Больше всего обсуждались те нормы проекта, которые определяют основные направления деятельности полиции и ее обязанности. Это статьи 2 и 12. Преимущественно граждане предлагали отказаться от многих несвойственных для полиции функций. Например, от таких как ведение реестра дисквалифицированных лиц, контроль за применением контрольно-кассовой техники, розыск собственника безнадзорных животных, розыск должника и его имущества и многих других.

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In Moscow People Are Disappearing Under North Caucasus Scenario?

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

The relatives of the people who went missing in Moscow during the night of September 24 – 25, 2010 addressed Human Rights Center Memorial.
In the evening five people, three of which are North Caucasus residents, went to Historic mosque (Moscow, B. Tatarskaya str., 28) so as to perform the Friday namaz. They didn’t come back home. The fate of all of the five missing people, Zelimkhan Akhmetovich Chibiev, Magomed Khaybulaevich Israpilov, Dzhamal Ziyanidovich Magomedov, Akil Dzhavatkhanovich Abdullaev and Dovar Nazimovich Asadov, is still not known to their relatives.

Aneta Barasbievna Sunsheva and Kseniya Vladmirovna Nazhmutdinova told that their husbands went missing. On September, 24 both of the men drove out of their flats in Moscow region where they are temporarily residing, so as to perform the Friday namaz in Historic mosque. Both called their wives and told they were coming home soon, but disappeared on their way. The three people who were in the car with them disappeared as well.

HRC Memorial forwarded requests to the General Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, and Investigatory Committee under Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, and appeals to Ombudsman in the Russian Federation and Ombudsman in Moscow. No response has been received yet.

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Tajikistan:Internet Providers Blocked “Undesired” Mass Media As Ferghana

Posted by Info on 12/10/2010

Tajikistan became another state of post-Soviet Central Asia that on the governmental level decided to fight against journalists and strictly filter the public access to the World Wide Web. On October 11, 2010 the leading internet providers in Tajikistan blocked the access to the number of websites of local and foreign web media and Ferghana.Ru, Russian e-edition, specifically.

The source in Telecom technology shared with Ferghana.Ru that the company is forced to perform the written order of Ministry of transport and communications of Tajikistan on blocking the number of websites, including Ferghana.Ru and Centrasia.Ru. The source mentioned that the companies never responded on such oral instructions before.

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