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Human Rights Activist And Her Daughter Beaten Up In Grozny

Posted by Info on 19/10/2010

On october 17. four criminals were armed and wearing a camouflage uniform. Two men entered the flat where the human rights activist and her daughter were at the moment and beat them up severely. The other two were waiting in the staircase”, a member of the organization who wished to remain anonymous said.

Of course, “the criminals did not introduce themselves and produced no motivation for their actions.”They just pronounced threats of using violence against the human rights activist and her daughter. Before leaving they destroyed the woman’s and her daughter’s phones”, our source said.

“This was the first episode
of an attempt at representatives of NGOs of our republic after the events of last year (kidnapping and subsequent murders in Grozny of the famous human rights activist Natalya Estemirova, leader of the public organization “Save the Generation” Zarema Sadulayeva and her husband Alik Jabrailov).

It should be reminded that the executors and principals of Estemirova, Sadulayeva and Jabrailov’s murders are still unknown. The victims’ colleagues and acquaintances are sure that these crimes have been committed by local members of the top brass.

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Румыния Отказала Юридически Определить Границу С Молдавией

Posted by Info on 19/10/2010

“Не идет речи о “договоре о границе”, поскольку документ не определяет границу, а является техническим инструментом, содержащим положения, относящиеся к таким вопросам, как обозначение и обслуживание границы или порядок использования приграничных вод”, – отмечает издание.

Эта реакция со стороны дипломатического ведомства Румынии последовала после недавнего заявления вице-министра иностранных дел Молдавии Андрея Попова. Попов заявил, что Молдавия будет настаивать на том, что документ, касающийся государственной границы между РМ и Румынией, должен носить название “Договор о режиме молдо-румынской границы”. По мнению румынских властей, это должно быть “Соглашение об управлении пограничными режимами”.

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Zakayev, With Political Asylum In UK Again Put On International ‘Wanted’ List By Russia

Posted by Info on 19/10/2010

The Chechen militants’ emissary Ahmed Zakayev has again been put on the international ‘wanted’ list. According to the Russian Prosecutor-General’s Office, a Russian court has made a default judgement to take him into custody.

Zakayev is accused of setting up illegal armed groups, terrorism and murder. The first time he was put on the Russian and international ‘wanted’ list was in 2001. Zakayev is now making his home in the UK, where he was granted political asylum. The British authorities have turned down Russia’s request for the extradition of the terrorist.

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Russian Police Probe Wikipedia For Extremism

Posted by Info on 19/10/2010

Moscow police have received a complaint saying that the international collaborative project Wikipedia contains extremist materials, and are currently working to check it.

The news was reported to various Russian media on Monday by Stanislav Kozlovskiy, the head of the Russian nonprofit organization, which provides support to the Russian segment of the free encyclopedia. According to Kozlovskiy, an unnamed official from the city police department called their office and said that the police received a complaint, saying that some texts from the list of extremist materials were posted on the Wikipedia website.

He added that the police were currently gathering information about Wikipedia, but said that Russian law enforcement had no means to make Wikipedia change its content as the encyclopedia’s servers are outside Russia. They did not specify what texts were mentioned in the complaint, but the activists from the organization checked the website and found the text of Benito Mussolini’s 1932 essay “The Doctrine of Fascism.” He also said that the text will be deleted from Wikipedia’s website if it turns out that it is protected by copyright.

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Tajikistan “Handle” Situation In East Without Foreign Help – By Killing

Posted by Info on 19/10/2010

Tajik forces said they killed three militants near the Afghan border.

Interior Ministry spokesman Makhmadullo Asadulloyev described them as Tajik citizens who received al-Qaeda training in Afghanistan. Tajik forces reportedly killed the militants in the Rasht District, where government troops have been fighting insurgents since September 22, after a September 19 militant ambush.

Turkmenistan and Russia had offered assistance in policing the border, but Tajikistan can handle the situation in the east without foreign help, Tajik Foreign Minister Khamrokhon Zarifi said October 18.

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Russia: Terrorists Launch Deadly Attack On Chechen Parliament

Posted by Info on 19/10/2010

At least two people died on Tuesday morning when militants launched an attack on the parliament of Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Chechnya.

“A vehicle carrying terrorists drove in with cars carrying lawmakers. One of them blew himself up and the other two headed toward parliament,” a police said. The parliament has been evacuated and a special operation, headed by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, is underway to flush out the militants.

This is the second serious terrorist incident in Chechnya in recent months. In August, a suicide squad launched a massive attack on Kadyrov’s home village of Tsentroi. Chechnya, which saw two brutal separatist wars in the 1990s and early 2000s, has seen relative calm in recent years under Kadyrov, a former militant turned Kremlin ally whom critics have accused of human rights abuses.

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