Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Freedom Of Speech Situation Worsens In Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 21/10/2010

There are 11 journalists languishing in Uzbek jails now.

The first victim since the publication of the previous report was Hayrullo Hamidov, who was jailed for six years on the charges of religious extremism.

The second victim was photographer and documentary filmmaker Umida Ahmedova, who was tried for insulting and slandering the Uzbek people and convicted in February 2010, but she was pardoned in courtroom.

Several months later, charges were brought against the editor of the website and a correspondent of Russia’s Parlamentskaya Gazeta, Vladimir Berezovskiy. He was found guilty in October; like Ahmedova he was also pardoned.

An Uzbek court sentenced Abdumalik Boboyev to a fine of $8,200.

Other journalists were also under pressure: on 7 January the Tashkent city prosecutor’s office summoned six journalists – Said Abdurahimov (Sid Yanyshev), Abdumalik Boboyev, Aleksey Volosevich, Husnitdin Kutbetdinov, Marina Kozlova and Vasiliy Markov – to write explanations about their activities.


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