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Twelve Suicide Explosions In 10 Months In Northern Caucasus

Posted by Info on 23/10/2010

From the start of 2010, the Northern Caucasus saw 10 attacks committed by 12 suicide bombers, in which 49 persons died, apart from the bombers, and 308 persons were injured.

On January 6, in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, a suicide bomber in a car tried to ram the gate of city GIBDD (State Traffic Safety Inspectorate). The blast killed five militiamen; one more was heavily wounded and later died at the Republic’s orthopaedic and traumatology centre. 19 more persons, including civilians, were injured.

On March 31, in Kizlyar (Dagestan) a twin terror act was committed. The first explosion was triggered on the route of a militia patrol car; the second one was triggered 20 minutes later and was aimed against the militiamen and medics who had arrived to the venue of the first incident. In total 12 persons were killed, and 27 more were injured. Both explosions were committed by suicide bombers.

On April 5, two explosions happened in Ingushetia, in the city of Karabulak. As a result of the first one, when a suicide bomber blew himself up, two militiamen were lost; two more were wounded and hospitalized. The second bomb was planted in a car parked near the GOVD (City Interior Department). The explosion wounded an employee of the prosecutor’s office.

On April 29 in Dagestan, a suicide bomber in a car committed a self-blast near a militia post in the Kazbek District of the republic. The blast killed two persons, and seven were injured. Later, the number of victims went up to 17.

On September 5
in Dagestan a Zhiguli car, stuffed with explosives and driven by, apparently, a suicide bomber, blew up at night at the training range “Dalni” in Buinaksk, where soldiers were deployed in a tent camp. By morning the count of casualties was 5, and those injured – up to 39.

On September 9, a suicide bomber in a Volga car triggered a powerful self-made bomb at the entrance to the central marketplace of Vladikavkaz. As a result of the terrorist act, apart from the bomber himself, 19 persons were killed: 14 – right on the spot, and five others died later in hospital. The total number of victims exceeded 160 persons.

On September 24 at 11:35 p.m., near No. 29 in Akushinskogo Avenue in Makhachkala an explosion of a suicide bomber was triggered. According to the latest data, as a result of the explosion 26 persons were wounded.

On September 24, near the building of a private security company in Kabardino-Balkaria, an explosion occurred; and the body of a supposed suicide bomber was found nearby. None of the militiamen was injured.

On October 19, the complex of governmental buildings in Grozny was attacked by militants. After a skirmish with the power agents who blocked them, the militants also blew themselves up. 20 persons, including six law enforcement officers, were wounded.


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