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Предвыборная Борьба: Молдавия Однa Из Самых Бедных Стран Европы Но Кандидаты Миллионеры

Posted by Info on 28/10/2010

Эти парламентские выборы будут самыми важными и самыми грязными за все годы независимости страны. Стране, наконец, надо определиться, куда она идет – на Запад или на Восток. В активный словарь многих электоральных конкурентов вошло слово “мафия”.
Богатые депутаты бедной страны

Несмотря на то что Молдавия по-прежнему остается одной из самых бедных стран Европы, в предвыборных списках появилось немало богатых людей. И это тоже новшество нынешней электоральной кампании. Так, возглавляющий список Либерально-демократической партии Владимир Филат вошел в клуб миллионеров. В 2008 – 2009 годах он сумел пополнить свой бюджет на 7,5 миллиона леев.

Но больше всего левых миллионеров идут по спискам Демократической партии – аж 8 человек. Причем не все они значатся в десятке первых. Например, кандидат Алена Мандатий, сумевшая заработать за два года 6 миллионов леев, занимает в списке только 47 место.

Самым богатым из независимых кандидатов пока что является бизнесмен Габриэль Стати. В 2009 году он был задержан правоохранительными органами по обвинению в организации массовых беспорядков в Кишиневе 7 апреля, когда были разгромлены здания парламента и администрации президента. Оправдан Стати был после ухода из власти коммунистов, в ноябре 2009 года.

Кстати, в списке Коммунистической партии не значится ни одного миллионера. Доход лидера партии, экс-коммуниста Владимира Воронина составил за два года 500 тысяч леев.

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Russian Police Reforms Postponed Until At Least Next Spring

Posted by Info on 28/10/2010

Originally the law was due to be implemented in January, but it now faces a delay until March 1, 2011.
In a unique attempt at public consultation the draft legislation was made available for public discussion online at in early August.

A source in the capital’s law enforcement told Interfax that lay-offs were planned among forensic staff, dog handlers and information centres. Other cutbacks are expected among traffic cops and state-sponsored personal security teams as well as a range of backroom staff.

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OSCE: There Is No Pluralism In Belarusian Mass Media

Posted by Info on 28/10/2010

OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Dunja Mijatovic, called upon the authorities of Belarus to cease the interference into the media sphere.

It is not a secret, that there is no pluralism in the Belarusian mass media at all. It is limited to print media, and remains under threat in the Internet. I called upon the representatives of the authority to remove all administrative restrictions on Belarusian media, announced to my official interlocutors that a practice of issuing cautions to newspapers up to their closure paralyses the press activity”.

Dunja Mijatovic says, there are no signs of democracy in Belarus in the sphere of media. The confirmation – a broad practice of impleading of journalists, who to the view of the authorities, “abuse” their powers.

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Strasbourg Court Fines Russia $207,000 For Chechen Disappearances

Posted by Info on 28/10/2010

Brothers Ilyas and Isa Yansuyev disappeared in February 2003, when they were kidnapped by unidentified armed people wearing camouflage uniforms. According to witnesses, the two Chechens were taken away in a military vehicle in the direction of a military base.
The brothers’ relatives appealed to the Strasbourg Court over the kidnapping after a domestic investigation yielded no results.

The court ruled that Yansuyev brothers “should be considered dead as a result of the unacknowledged detention by the Russian military.”
The Russian authorities argued the kidnappers might be militants who had stolen arms from military stores. The court said the Russian government had failed to provide it with the requested documents.

Strasbourg believes Russia violated a range of articles in the Convention on Human Rights, including the right to life, inhuman and degrading treatment, unacknowledged detention and the right to an effective remedy.
The court ordered the Russian government to pay the relatives of the dead 27,000 euros (more than $37,300) in material damage, 120,000 euros (more than $166,000) in moral damage and 8,000 euros (more than $11,000) to cover court expenses.

Russia has lost most of its cases in the Strasbourg Court. Last year, suits against Russia accounted for more than one quarter of all cases filed in the court.

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Russia In Moldova -Moscow Sends Mixed Signals On Transdniester Settlement

Posted by Info on 28/10/2010

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev raised hopes that after years of gridlock a breakthrough might be possible in the decades-old conflict between Moldova’s central government in Chisinau and its pro-Moscow breakaway region.

Medvedev made his comments following a summit meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy on October 19.
As soon as the necessary electoral procedures have taken place. I believe we have a good chance to restart the process and achieve results. Russia will support this.“But I want to draw attention to the fact that the success of this depends not only on Russia but also on the position of Moldova itself. That is the main issue. It depends on the position of Transdniester and of Romania and on the position of the EU. Everyone must play their part.”What does he mean?

Moscow has consistently backed Transdniester economically, militarily, and politically, although it never recognized its independence, as it did with two other separatist regions — South Ossetia and Abkhazia — after the Russian-Georgian war of August 2008.

The inclusion of the EU and the United States as observers did little to push forward the stalled talks between Chisinau and Tiraspol. A rare three-way meeting between Medvedev, Transdniestrian leader Igor Smirnov, and Moldova’s Communist President Vladimir Voronin in March 2009 in Russia was little more than a photo op.

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UNICEF: Voices Of Moldovan Prisoners – In One Minute VIDEO

Posted by Info on 28/10/2010

Several young prison inmates in Moldova have produced one-minute films in which they share their experiences, fears, and hopes for a better future. The teenagers, all detained at Lipcani prison, took part in a UNICEF-sponsored program called oneminutesjr, during which they learned to tell their personal stories and shoot and edit video.

Children and teens from around the world have participated in the initiative, which aims to give underprivileged or marginalized young people the opportunity to express themselves and share their ideas. Moldova’s Justice Ministry and Department of Penitentiary Institutions brought the project to the juvenile detention center in Lipcani as part of measures to promote rehabilitation and social inclusion.

VIDEO here

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