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Russian Hackers Rake In Millions With No Fear Of Law

Posted by Info on 29/10/2010

Cyber crime in Russia is booming.But so far the police are no match for the hackers.The country’s hackers are among the most professional in the world. Their tools are computers and the Internet, manipulate and rob bank accounts, attack websites or send spam e-mails.
The hackers are especially versatile when it comes to stealing data. Hundreds of attacks are registered daily from Russia. More than half of those are directed against the European Union, Canada and the United States.

“They are a threat in particular to bank customers with more than 50,000 euros ($69,000) on their accounts and who use online banking,” said Nikita Kislizin, Russian IT specialist and editor-in-chief of the magazine “Hacker.” He said the target of such attacks were average Internet users as well as financial institutions, corporations, media organizations and even security services.

Because high-speed Internet connections are needed to carry out such activities, most of the country’s cyber criminals are said to live either in Moscow or St. Petersburg. It’s said that a gang of 10 hackers can earn around 10 million euros a year. In term of the necessary technology, the investment required is only around 20,000 euros. And the hackers have reliable means of turning that dirty electronic money into clean cash.

The hackers spend at least 10 hours a day at the computer. They rarely take a weekend off. Should an attack require it, they will stay awake for days at a time. And even if they’re not working on a deal, they still have to be online and check the latest anti-virus programs to see how they can be outsmarted. The annual turnover associated with illegal activities is estimated at around one billion euros.

The number of cyber criminals in Russia is estimated at around 20,000. Most are between 20 and 30 years old and are graduates of the country’s technical universities.
Police in Russia lack both the personnel and the technology to effectively combat the hackers. Often, the authorities are simply powerless to deal with the attacks. Only around 10 percent of the crimes are ever solved.

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