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Definition Of Terrorism Singed By Yeltsin In 1998 and By Putin In 2006

Posted by Info on 30/10/2010

Antiterrorist law “On Fighting Terrorism” singed by Boris Yeltsin in 1998

Violence or the treat of violence against individuals or organization, and also the destruction (damaging) of or threat to destroy (damage) property and other material objects, such as threatening to cause loss of life, significant damage to property, or other socially dangerous consequences and implemented with a view to violating public security, intimidating the population, or influencing the adoption of decisions advantageous to terrorists by organs of power, or satisfying their unlawful material and (or) other interests; attempts on the lives of statesmen or public figures perpetrated with a view to ending their state or other political activity or out of revenge for such activity.

This definition was replaced in 2006 in a new antiterrorism law ” On Countering Terrorism”

“Terrorism is an ideology of violence and practice of influence on decision making by bodies of the government, institutions of local government, or international organizations, by means of intimidation of the population and (or) other forms of illegal violent actions.”

(page 173 , The New Nobility)

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