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Russian FSB Maintain Alliance With Unofficial Hackers -Those With USA

Posted by Info on 05/11/2010

Investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov details in his new book THE NEW NOBILITY how the Russian FSB “maintain a sophisticated alliance with unofficial hackers, such as those who carry out cyber attacks on the Web sites of enemies of the state,” drawing attention to hacker forums such as

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has already amassed “kompromat” on the Russian “government” and “businessmen,” two days after his site published almost 400,000 classified U.S. military field reports from Iraq.

Both the British and the American governments have urged the whistleblower to stop publishing reams of classified documents because they claim it is undermining the war effort and putting the lives of civilians and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan at risk.

Assange and his assistant Kristin Hrafnsson said the whistleblower Web site plans to publish 15,000 more documents on the war on Afghanistan, and then turn its full attention to Russia and China. According to Assange, “the despotic regimes of Russia, China and Central Asia” were the original focus of his project when he was pitching it to potential investors four years ago. “I think the Russian readers will find out a lot of new things about their country.”

Language barrier – While Assange did admit that there are problems with obtaining intelligence in foreign countries, his professed collaboration with the “Americans” will likely worry the Russian security establishment. “The fact that the majority of your sites post information only in Russian limits our capabilities. However, the Americans are helping us, they are giving us a lot of material on Russia,”
…“Clearly the WikiLeaks about the U.S. armed forces are genuine. They come from someone within the armed forces, from someone who had access to them,” said Anatol Lieven But Russian secrets, on the other hand, leaked and then passed to WikiLeaks through the United States..


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