Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

In Latvia Medical Treatment ONLY For Latvians Speakers

Posted by Info on 09/11/2010

The parliament of Latvia gathers for a special meeting on November 9, to hold a confidence vote to nation’s Foreign Affairs Minister Valdis Kristovskis less than a week after his appointment.
The scandal started brewing after the publication of Valdis Kristovskis’ correspondence with a well-known nationalist and doctor Aivars Slucis who wrote to Kristovskis a year ago that he would not be able to treat Russian patients the same way as Latvian ones. Kristovskis replied by saying: “I agree with your evaluation and your views.”
Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry is chaired by the person, who admits an opportunity to deny medical aid to people just because of their nationality.

What about the deputies of the Latvian parliament? They do not support the amendments to the law about the rights of patients, which allows doctors to receive complaints in the Russian language. The actions of nationalists in white robes were virtually considered legal, which contradicts to the Hippocratic Oath and the laws of the European Union, not to mention elementary moral norms.


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