Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Per Anger Prize to Elena Urlaeva Uzbekistani Human Rights Defender

Posted by Info on 09/11/2010

The 2010 Per Anger Prize goes to Elena Urlaeva with the following motivation: “In a menacing environment she gave voice to freedom of expression and association in Uzbekistan, unselfishly, by peaceful means and with great personal courage risking her own life and health in the struggle for human rights.”

The Swedish government has commissioned the Living History Forum to award the Per Anger Prize annually to an individual who has, with great courage and initiative and without personal gain, acted to promote democracy and humanity.

We trust that the prize will inspire people to take a stance, dare to speak out and show moral courage, without calculating the personal price they may have to pay. We truly need these role models.

Elena Urlaeva is a member of the Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan and has been an active critic of the regime in Uzbekistan for many years. She has organized demonstrations and peaceful protests in order to draw attention to suppressed events and support persecuted journalists. On one occasion she defended the rights of people who had lost their homes in connection with a road-building project.
During her indomitable work to defend human rights and openly protest against injustices in Uzbekistan, she has been harassed, maltreated and committed to a psychiatric hospital.


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