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USA Against Anti-Nazi Resolution To UN, Latvia And Estonia As Well

Posted by Info on 10/11/2010

The UN General Assembly committee on social and humanitarian issues will vote on the UN a draft resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism and the desecration of World War II monuments at the beginning of next week.

The resolution condemns the construction of memorials in honor of former Nazis and Waffen-SS soldiers and the holding of public pro-Nazi demonstrations. It also includes recommendations to prevent the proliferation of neo-Nazi ideas on the Internet.

Since 2005 every year, the resolutions are supported by an increasing number of countries. Last year 124 countries voted in favor of the resolution, while 55 delegations abstained. The United States was the only nation to vote against it.

Parades in honor of Waffen-SS veterans, involving veterans from the Latvian Legion and the 20th Estonian SS Division and their supporters, are held annually in Latvia and Estonia.

2 Responses to “USA Against Anti-Nazi Resolution To UN, Latvia And Estonia As Well”

  1. En Eme Em said

    interesting. they opposed it on what grounds?

  2. Lenka said

    Hi En Eme Em, you can read more at this site:

    Your question is there answered.
    Why did the United States vote against resolution 62/142, which prohibits the glorification of Nazism?

    The State Department reply of February 26, 2009 stated: “This resolution fails to distinguish between actions and statements that, while offensive, should be protected by freedom of expression, and actions that incite violence, which should be prohibited. The United States remains convinced that governments should not punish speech, even that which is deemed offensive or hateful. In a free society hateful ideas fail on account of their own intrinsic lack of merit.”

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