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“Police Day” – Awards For Russia’s Worst Cops

Posted by Info on 12/11/2010

The “Golden Yevsyukov” awards for Yekaterinburg’s worst cops were announced in an anti-award ceremony as the country marked Police Day on Wednesday.

Named after the notorious officer who killed three people in a Moscow supermarket shooting, the tongue-in-cheek prizes are intended to rap the knuckles of the most corrupt cops and dangerous officers in service in the Urals.
Local police spokesman Valery Gorelykh was invited to accept the awards on the winners’ behalf, but he refused.

Meanwhile rock singer-cum-protestor Yury Shevchuk and music critic Artyom Troitsky made their own contribution from the stage of his Moscow gig on Wednesday, dishing out an award to St. Petersburg cop Vadim Boyko, who infamously taunted demonstrators at a rally in the northern capital before laying into them.

In Yekaterinburg activists picked out several cops who were accused of various misdemeanours, local news site reported.
The Robin Hood category went to Alexander Dupin, Vitaly Pashkevich and Sergei Semenov, honoured for their kidnapping scam.

Drink-driving sergeant Vladimir Bazhenov won the Schumacher prize after he ran a red light in June this year, killing a 60-year-old motorist.

Meanwhile the “Valentin Yudashkin” award for work with artists went to Alexei Chabin, who earned his notoriety through a clash with a film crew and a girl playing a guitar on a street corner.

In a nod to the awards’ inspiration, Pavel Martynov as the Asbestovsky district was recognised after shooting up a café, while in the monogorod of Asbest former traffic police chief Andrei Maltsev’s involvement in drug trafficking landed him a gong.


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