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Terror Act From September 2004 In Beslan Not Yet Investigated – Bullets From Walls Removed Now

Posted by Info on 18/11/2010

“Beslan Mothers” against repairs in School No. 1

In North Ossetia, members of the organization named “Beslan Mothers” assert that the repairs made in the Beslan School No. 1 will completely hide the traces of the terror act committed there in September 2004.

“We think that they try to change the appearance of the school and hide the evidences of the incident in September 2004. They remove bullet traces from the walls; and they have already hidden the destruction …and other reminders of the attack. All the works they do are explained by the need to meet safety regulations: without repairs the school may collapse.”

Activists fear that “evidences will be completely destroyed.” “We told Bazrov about it,” Ms Gadieva continued. “He explained that there is a definite concept of school restoration. I think that the investigation is not over, and we’ll succeed in lobbying, perhaps, the second investigation, or an international one; but we need facts. And we’re afraid that they will be lost.”

Journalist Murat Kaboev, author of the books “Rain Cried with Cold Tears” and “Fireball” about the investigation of the Beslan terror act, who was present at victims’ meeting with Valentin Bazrov, Deputy Prime Minister of North Ossetia, and Khodov, Minister of Construction, said that the concerns of the victims are not groundless.

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In Russia Unemployed Policemen Will Protect Citizens From Dishonest Police

Posted by Info on 18/11/2010

Within the framework of the Interior Ministry reform a Service of Internal Investigation for the Protection of Citizens from Dishonest Police Officers will be created and will employ policemen who have been laid off. The authorities are planning to create new subdivisions in every region, the main goals of which will be to control police officers and protect citizens from unrestrained law enforcement agencies.
How weird as those, today unemployed policemen were fired because of being dishonest or corrupted.

According to Ministry of Interior Staff members of the new service will be engaged in operative intelligence work. They will collect evidence on law violations by the police, document them, and later transfer the material to the prosecution.” The service will essentially protect citizens from the police itself.
This department will be staffed by both the laid off as well as working policemen. “It’s possible that the policemen, who were laid off in course of the reform, will be brought back to do the job,” says the source. Earlier, President Dmitry Medvedev said that some 200,000 Interior Ministry employees will be laid off by the year 2012.

The new service, according to the interlocutor, will report directly to the minister of internal affairs……


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Moldova: Obstacle For Cooperation Between Transnistria And Germany

Posted by Info on 18/11/2010

Diplomatic Europeans avoid criticizing the left bank of Dniestr =Transistria’s regime except subtle indications regarding the schools and free traveling of people. Still the German consulate in Chisinau refused to open visas for students from the Transnistrian region who had only “separatist” identity cards. However, the “supreme authorities” having right to travel in the European Union freely,the most part of the region’s population that is reducing with time can travel through Europe only with documents provided by the Moldovan constitutional authorities or with passports issues by tireless Ukraine and Russia.
Brussels extended the right of traveling through the EU for separatist leaders once again for six months.

Traveling through the Schengen area stipulates strict measures aimed to prevent or restrict entry of non-European suspicious citizens. Circulation of unrecognized documents which are constantly produced and issued by the Tiraspol administration creates a favorable ground for the increase in the number of people from the left bank refused by the Western consulates’ chancelleries. Permanent users of Russian and Ukrainian authorities’ patience, the separatists’ leaders taught the controlled population to the exigent behavior as well.
Still diplomatic Europeans avoid criticizing the left bank regime except subtle indications regarding the schools and free traveling of people.
The result is that those persons, who are not allow to travel, ask for Ukrainian or Russian passports at the relevant consulates.
On the other hand person living in Moldova ask for Romania passport to have free access to Europe as Romania is part of European Union.
Who after that stays in Moldova?

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