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Kazakhstani Ngos Help Fight Extremism

Posted by Info on 20/11/2010

The government isn’t alone in the fight against extremism. Increasingly, NGOs are helping one-time and would-be extremists mend their wounds.

“One should take care never to be lured into an extremist organisation, but unfortunately, this happens sometimes,” Larissa Oleinikova, a volunteer at the Kostanai Centre for Assistance to Victims of Destructive and Religious Movements.
“Extremism is one of the worst evils in modern society. People rely for assistance on the law enforcement agencies, which, however, are not omnipotent. A major role in combating extremism is reserved for civil society.”

NGOs can help people break off with a sect or an extremist organisation by extending legal and psychological recourse, Oleinikova said. They hold educational campaigns too, she added.
About 50 people per month turn to them for protection from various extremist groups.“We help people tear themselves away from terrorists and various religious sects,” Semet Rzayev of the Southern Kasakhstani Centre said.

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