Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

10 Suspects Arrested In Simultaneous Cross Boarder Operations

Posted by Info on 24/11/2010

Those 10 persons were detained in police swoops in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany after a year-long investigation by police in the Belgian city of Antwerp. In the course of this Belgian investigation, a number of other people were also arrested in Spain, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

An “international jihadist terrorist group” was allegedly plotting to attack an unspecified target in Belgium.The police had investigated both the alleged plot to attack Belgium, and alleged recruitment and fundraising for a Chechen militant group called “Caucasus Emirate”. Belgian police were assisted by foreign colleagues in their investigation.

Video broadcast on Belgian TV showed heavily armed police making a dawn raid in Antwerp and detaining at least two people, including a woman. Among the 10 arrested are Belgians, Dutch people, Moroccans and Chechens, and most of the detainees are resident in Antwerp.
They were due to appear before a specialist anti-terrorism judge in Antwerp later on Tuesday.

More about Belgium: Belgium convicts eight on terrorism charges


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