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From FBS To Children Anti-Terrorism Animation + Advice How to Deal With Granddad With Gun

Posted by Info on 25/11/2010

The first anti-terrorism animation for children appeared a few years ago and was ordered by Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee for the children’s section of the web site

Volgograd law enforcement agencies have created a series of short cartoons teaching children to be vigilant about gun-toting men and to obey police at rallies.

Eight 20-second cartoons all star a child named simply “Little Boy” and are accompanied by rhymes recited by the narrator.
The videos are to be aired on Volgograd television, as well as in the city’s local retail chains, public transportation and on street video screens.

One video shows the boy discovering a box of explosives on the street and taking it with him, and it ends with the narrator saying, “We won’t show what happened to the boy.” In another, the child decides in the same situation to call the police and guard the box until the bomb squad arrives. The child receives a medal.

Still other cartoons (all of them here) ask children to report to police if they find firearms in someone’s attic or basement and warn that fake bomb calls to school can land the trickster in jail for three years.

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