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I Confessed Of Preparing Terror Act In Exchange For Friends Lives

Posted by Info on 27/11/2010

Egle Kusaite, 21-year-old Lithuanian woman, accused of creating a group for committing a terror act on some military object in Russia, said that she had given confessional evidences in exchange for promises that her friends from near Moscow – Chechen Aishat and Apti Magmadov – would be left alive.

Ms Kusaite is suspected of preparing terror acts on the military base in Russia. In Lithuania, she was detained in the end of last year. She asserts that Lithuanian and Russian law enforcement officers beat her during detention. The woman claims that some psychotropic drugs were injected into her veins. At the trial she refused from her earlier words about planned attacks. In August, Egle was released. Currently, the Lithuanian General Prosecutor’s Office should clarify whether the suspect of terrorists Egle Kusaite was exposed psychological and physical pressure. This was decided on October 5 by the Vilnius Regional Court.

“I was arrested on October 24, 2009 when I was going by bus to my girlfriend Aishat. Four state security agents entered the bus…They confiscated the gifts that I was carrying and I was placed into an isolation facility for 13 days. A state advocate was appointed to me. On the first day, October 24, 2009, state security officers came into my cell. I thought that they were people from our Muslim community, since I recognized one of them. He participated in prayer meetings and visited our prayer house.” One of them gave Egle two Kinder Penguin candies; and she ate one of them. “On that night I began vomiting with blood and felt very bad; I thought that I’d dieThey tried to poison me; I didn’t eat the second candy – probably, this saved me.”

“In the morning on October 25, 2009, agents from the KGB (State Security Committee) of Lithuania were surprised to see me alive. Then, they asked me to sign some confession. Otherwise, as they said, the information at their disposal will be transferred to Russia; and Apti and Aishat Magmadov would be tortured or even killed. Initially they demanded that I confess that I was going to blow up civilians. When I refused to admit it, they started demanding that I confess that I was going to blow up militaries.”….

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