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Transcript Of Vladimir Putin’s Interview With CNN’s Larry King

Posted by Info on 02/12/2010

Putin’s satellite interview with Larry King as provided by the Russian prime minister’s website

Larry King:
Mr Prime Minister, thank you for joining us. Let us start right off. You could run for president again in 2012? Are you thinking about doing that?
Vladimir Putin: President Medvedev and I work together closely. We made up our minds long ago that we would take our decision concerning the 2012 elections in the interests of the Russian people.
Larry King:What do you think of the leak of military and diplomatic correspondence by the WikiLeaks group?
Vladimir Putin: Some experts believe that somebody is deliberately “inflating” WikiLeaks. Building up the site’s authority in order to use it to further their political ends. That is one possible theory, and this is the opinion of experts, which has some currency in our country too. I think that if this is not the case, it shows that the diplomatic service should be more careful with its documents. Such leaks have happened before, in the previous era. I don’t see it as any kind of catastrophe.
Larry King: So Mr Gates is wrong in saying that your country is being run by secret security services?

Vladimir Putin: He is profoundly wrong. Our country is run by the people of the Russian Federation through legitimately elected bodies of power and administration: through representative bodies (the parliament) and executive bodies (the president and the government of the Russian Federation).

As for democracy, this is a long-running argument we have been having with our American colleagues. I would like to recall that twice in the history of the United States the presidential candidate who ultimately became president of the United States won more votes in the electoral college but lost the popular vote. What’s democratic about that?

And when we tell our American colleagues that there are systemic problems in this sphere we hear, “Don’t poke your noses into our affairs. This is how things work here and this is the way it is going to be.” We are not butting in, but I would also like to advise our colleagues not to poke their noses into our affairs. This is the sovereign choice of the Russian people. The Russian people unequivocally backed democracy in the early 90s. They will not be swayed from this path. No one should have any doubts on that score. This is in Russia’s own interests. And we will definitely continue along this path.

The issue Mr Gates raised in the course of this diplomatic correspondence is clearly related to his desire to bring some pressure to bear on the allies over concrete issues. There are many such issues. Russia is seen as deserving this pressure because it is undemocratic: these measures have to be taken because there is no democracy there. We have heard this a thousand times. We have stopped paying attention to it….
Larry King: So they (sleeper agents) do no spying under your direction.
Vladimir Putin: They had their own assignments. Let me make it clear once again that we’re dealing here with deep-cover agents, who only become active during crises and when diplomatic ties are severed, when other forms of intelligence become ineffective or impossible.
By the way, the methods employed by our special services differ in a good way from those used by US special services. Thank God, neither the agents in question or any other Russian intelligence officers are known to have been involved in creating secret prisons, kidnappings, or torture.
….more HERE

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ФСБ Проверяет Брошюру ПЦ “Мемориал” На Экстремизм

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Управление ФСБ по Краснодарскому краю проводит проверку книги “Положение граждан бывшего СССР на территории Краснодарского края”, изданной Правозащитным центром “Мемориал” и Молодёжной группой за толерантность “ЭТнИКА”, по признакам возбуждения ненависти либо вражды (статья 282 Уголовного кодекса России).

14 января 2010 года брошюра была направлена на исследование в экспертно-криминалистический центр при ГУВД Краснодарского края. 2 февраля эксперт Федяев составил Справку о проведении лингвистического исследования, сделав вывод, что “имеются высказывания, которые направлены на возбуждение ненависти либо вражды по признакам принадлежности к определенной социальной группе”.

9 марта книга была отправлена для проведения психологической экспертизы в Минюст, чем эксперт в Краснодарском крае, психолог Альбина Рогоза пришла к выводу, что “имеются высказывания, направленные на возбуждение ненависти по признаку социальной группы”.

В материалах также отмечается, что 26 октября было вынесено постановление об отказе в возбуждении уголовного дела в отношении Анастасии Денисовой и директора типографии по факту признаков распространения экстремистских материалов. Однако 22 ноября это постановление было отменено, и материалы направлены на дополнительную проверку.

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Provocation From Russian Security Services – Treats, Harassment

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30.1.2009 – from Moscow Embassy to Washington
The FSB letter attempted to justify its position by highlighting the complexity of nationalities and religions in
the North Caucasus, the prevalence of extremist movements, and the predominant role played by family loyalties as
factors that made funding of NGOs in the region dangerous. The FSB made implicit threats that information about US funding of illegal groups would likely be made public through the media, damaging US-Russian counterterrorism efforts. Further, the letter noted that “incompetent actions” on the part of the “Embassy sections, like USAID” could escalate tensions in regions beyond the borders of the North Caucasus to the detriment of US and Russian interests. When the Ambassador protested this FSB salvo, Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov claimed (credibly) that the security service complaints had not been coordinated with the MFA.

In mid-January, the Moscow branch of the MVD issued a letter to the Higher School of Economics, raising the issue
of four students (possibly six) who participated in December opposition marches with the veiled recommendation that they
be expelled. According to press reports, the letter warned “implementation of un-sanctioned mass acts was one of the forms of extremist activity, carrying a high level of societal danger..

Getting Ugly and Personal with NDI
On January 29, USAID FSNs received an email from XX with a photoshopped image of XX reclining with an underage child. The picture was attached to a message, ostensibly from a Russian citizen, which accused XX of raping her 9-year old daughter. This latest provocation falls on the heels of a scandal in Murmansk alleging NDI interference in local elections and harassment of NDI staff XX. The Ambassador met with representatives from NDI on January 30 on harassment of the NGO, reported septel. more HERE

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