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Department For Fight Against Extremism And Terrorism =2 Groups Of “Extremists”

Posted by Info on 06/12/2010

Tajikistan: The Interior Ministry’s Department for the Fight against Extremism and Terrorism said some of the several dozen Hizb ut-Tahrir supporters detained this autumn have already served time for extremist activities.
“We can divide the detainees into two groups: those who have already been imprisoned for extremism and … those who have landed here for the first time — mostly teenagers, who are only found with extremist literature and almost never weapons.”
Repeat arrests for religious extremism are fairly common,” an investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office, who requested anonymity for security reasons, said.

The problem is that some former extremists say they have repented and are set free.
Tajikistan’s anti-terrorist agencies are currently discussing the issue. “Neighbouring Uzbekistan, for example, has the practice of keeping suspected extremists or former extremists who have been freed under surveillance. This has helped them avoid many problems. It is possible that Tajikistan will use the same practice.”
“There are many cases where young people and teenagers do not even know that Hizb ut-Tahrir is a banned organisation.”

Askerov, defender said that his client was offered money to pass out Hizb ut-Tahrir leaflets and papers. “They were written in Russian and Arabic, but my client only reads Tajik. He did not even know what it was about. He just needed the money.”
It is no rare occurrence for parents who work in Russia to leave their children with grandparents, who sometimes are simply physically unable to control them, Sharipov said. “So, the young people end up in various organisations.”

“Due to economic reasons, the country has significantly reduced the number of sports schools, classes and organisations that are supposed to work with children. Those that remain do not all work with children for free. It turns out that now young people can only go to the mosque for free,
” she said.
“Repressive methods alone will not fix the situation. Some young people allow extremist organisations to recruit them out of pure ignorance and most likely under these experienced wolves’ psychological pressure,” said Bobojon Ikromov, the chief editor of Varorud.
The ministry might consider religious programmes that “will offer young people a positive way of thinking.”

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HRC Memorial Book Being Inspected for Extremism by FSB

Posted by Info on 06/12/2010

On December 1, 2010 Anastasiya Denisova, the leader of the Youth Group was questioned on the basis of fomentation of hatred or animosity (Article 282 of the Crime Code of Russia).

From the documents Anastasiya Denisova learned that in November, 2009 one of the typographies in Krasnodar was visited by UFSB police operative officer in Krasnodar region, M. Prischep, who asked to print a copy of the book published by Human rights center Memorial.
Expert of the Ministry of Justice, psychologist Albina Rogoza, analyzed the brochure and concluded that there are statements that are aimed at fomentation of hatred or animosity on the grounds of being a member of a specific social group since in the articles a negative assessment .
On October 26, a decree was delivered on declining the criminal case initiation against Anastasiya Denisova and the typography director in accordance with the indications of extremist materials dissemination.

The brochure The state of the citizens of ex-USSR in Krasnodar region was published by Human rights center Memorial and Youth Group for tolerance ETNiKA within the framework of Regional network for minorities protection and ethnic discrimination counteraction Project. The aim of the project is to facilitate interaction between ethnic communities with practice lawyers and human rights activists to provide judicial assistance to specific applicants, to monitor the situation and to train the activists.
The brochure was created for FMS officers, to the field-specific agencies officers, civic observes, civic activists, the students of law, sociology, journalism, the researchers of USSR legacy – related issues and the institutions of registration and residence permit as well as for anyone interested in the matter.

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Khodorkovsky Case Discussed in Leaked Cable

Posted by Info on 06/12/2010

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow sent a cable to Washington describing the trial against former Yukos owner Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business partner Platon Lebedev as politically charged and influenced by the government.

The cable, released late Wednesday, was titled “Rule of Law Lipstick on a Political Pig: Khodorkovsky Case Plods Along” and dates to December 2009, when prosecutors for the case, which will be wrapped up later this month, finished reading the 188 volumes of evidence and started questioning witnesses.

“There is a widespread understanding that Khodorkovsky violated the tacit rules of the game: If you keep out of politics, you can line your pockets as much as you desire,” said the cable, which was signed with the surname Rubin. “Most Russians believe the Khodorkovsky trial is politically motivated; they simply do not care that it is.”

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В Австрии арестован «подозрительный» беженец из Чечни

Posted by Info on 06/12/2010

32-летний беженец из Чечни, живущий в Австрии с женой и двумя детьми, был арестован в аэропорту Вены на этой неделе после своего возвращения из Мекки, сообщает BBC. Его подозревают в связях с исламистами, которые ответственны за совершение ряда нападений в России.

По словам представителя австрийского МВД, арест был произведен по ордеру, выданному властями Бельгии, раскрывшими заговор с целью нападения на объекты НАТО в этой стране.

B рамках спецоперации, проведенной правоохранительными органами Бельгии, Нидерландов и ФРГ, в конце ноября были арестованы 11 членов экстремистской группировки «Шариат для Бельгии», одной из целей которой был набор «борцов для ведения джихада и установления шариатского государства на Северном Кавказе».

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