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Russia To Get Its Own WikiLeaks – Website To Fight Corruption

Posted by Info on 08/12/2010

Alexei Navalny, the lawyer and popular bloggeris setting up his own corruption-exposing website in Russia to deal with what he regards as a rampant problem.
Experts said the Russian whistleblowing website may prove to be a good resource for tackling corruption, especially since Navalny is already a popular public figure. He already last month raised a storm by releasing documents accusing Transeft of embezzling $4 billion.

“Our country has no future because of this system based on theft. Top political leaders let governors and mayors steal as much as they wanted, that is to say they received political authority to do so. These people are eating our country alive.”
And responsibility goes all the way up. “I’m not ready to say that Putin personally takes away suitcases of money…but [I will say] that he personally offers a political cover [for this], of that there is no doubt.

Navalny is convinced that his website will serve the public interest. “I do not believe Russia is a hopeless country, if I believed that I would not be doing this.”

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Nato plans to defend Baltics from Russia

Posted by Info on 08/12/2010

Nine Nato divisions – US, British, German, and Polish – have been identified for combat operations in the event of armed aggression against Poland or the three Baltic states. North Polish and German ports have been listed for the receipt of naval assault forces and British and US warships. The first Nato exercises under the plan are to take place in the Baltic next year.

Despite President Barack Obama’s policy of “resetting” relations with Russia, which was boosted at the Nato summit attended by Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, the state department fears that the major policy shift could trigger “unnecessary tensions” with Moscow.

The decision to draft contingency plans for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania was taken secretly earlier this year at the urging of the US and Germany at Nato headquarters in Belgium, ending years of division at the heart of the western alliance over how to view Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

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