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Kadyrov Ignores Law : He Threatens Chechens in Moscow To Pressure Their Family In Chechnya

Posted by Info on 15/12/2010

The leader of Russia’s North Caucasus province of Chechnya called on Chechen youths to avoid clashes with extremists on Moscow’s streets, and a police source said more police would be mobilised in case of fresh violence.
The ethnic tension was sparked by the death of a soccer fan who was shot last week in a street fight with natives of the North Caucasus.
The violence stems from long-simmering tension between Slavic Russians and Caucasian minorities and immigrants from Central Asia who come to Moscow looking for work.

“Not one Chechen is planning to demonstrate on Dec. 15 on the square. If any one of our Chechen young men allow themselves to take part in mass protests in Moscow …, he will be pressured through his family and friends according to our traditions and customs that do not tolerate disobedience,” Interfax reported Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov as saying.

Tensions are running high between predominantly Christian Russia and its Muslim minorities in the North Caucasus, where Moscow is struggling to put down an Islamist insurgency.


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