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Moldova – Transnistria: Journalist Ernest Vardanean Sentenced to 15 years

Posted by Info on 18/12/2010

Moldovan journalist Ernest Vardanean 34, went on trial for espionage in the separatist capital Tiraspol on 3th November. He was arrested on April 7 in Tiraspol on suspicion of spying for Moldova’s secret services. He was charged with high treason, a crime that carries a sentence of 12-20 years in prison in the self-styled Transdniester Republic.

Ernest Vardanean, who before his arrest had been tapped for a job as a Moldovan representative at the United Nations, was shown on Transdniester television while imprisoned confessing to being a Moldovan spy. His family and friends have said the confession was made under pressure.

On November 4, the family’s lawyer, Alexandru Postica was unable to travel to Tiraspol for “security reasons” and that the separatist authorities don’t recognize him as Vardanean’s legal representative. Irina Vardanean said the Tiraspol lawyer, who has been assigned to her husband’s case by the court, refused to talk to her after the court session because he said he was “busy.”

Browser RIA “New Region” Vardanean sentenced to 15 years in prison without confiscation of property to be served in the colony.
As the press service of the Ministry of State Security of the unrecognized Republic of Transnistria, the sentence was handed down on Dec. 16, 2010 Supreme Court of the region. The court found him guilty “in accordance with Art. 271 CC PMR” Treason, “and sentenced to 15 years in prison without confiscation of property to be served in the colony.

The Moldovan authorities have not responded to the imposition of a journalist in Tiraspol sentence.

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