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Russian Prosecutors Appeal Journalist’s Acquittal Of Slander

Posted by Info on 21/12/2010

Mikhail Beketov, the former editor of the Khimkinskaya Pravda newspaper, who was crippled in a brutal beating two years ago, was found guilty this November of slandering Vladimir Strelchenko, the mayor of Khimki, a town near Moscow.
Beketov was cleared of charges earlier this month due to the lack of evidence.
His lawyer Andrei Stolbunov said on Tuesday Russian prosecutors appealed the acquittal. “Prosecutors filed an appeal yesterday on Beketov’s verdict.”

Beketov, 52, was attacked in November 2008 after he criticized government plans to build a highway through the centuries-old Khimki oak forest. His leg was broken and later amputated, three fingers were broken and he was severely brain damaged.

Earlier this month, Beketov won an award from the Austrian branch of the Reporters Without Borders organization for his work and namely courage of investigation.

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