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Supreme Court of Finland Blocks Extradition of Chechen Fighter

Posted by Info on 25/12/2010

On 22 December 2010 the Supreme Court of Finland issued a legal opinion to the Ministry of Justice, blocking the extradition to Russia of Mr K., a Chechen individual.
The Russian Federation had requested his extradition for acts committed in 2000-2002 but mainly in July 2002, constituting under the Russian Penal Code multiple crimes, including murder and terrorism.

In the assessment of the Supreme Court the use of armed violence by the Chechen fighters had occurred in the context of an ongoing armed conflict and had been directed against the military forces of the Russian Federation, close to the border of Georgia and not targeting civilians. The deprivation of life in the context of armed hostilities could constitute a political crime in the meaning of the Finnish Extradition Act, notwithstanding the provisions of the European Convention against Terrorism that excluded acts of terrorism from the scope of non-extraditable political offences.

K. could not be extradited to Russia.

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EU Borders Will Stay Shut To Influx From Romania And Bulgaria

Posted by Info on 25/12/2010

Romania and Bulgaria are to be blocked from joining the EU’s borderless travel zone because of fears of an influx of organised criminals into western Europe.
The eastern European states hoped to enter the passport-free Schengen zone in March, which would allow the free movement of their citizens between 25 EU countries.

But France and Germany have urged the European Commission to postpone their inclusion indefinitely because of concerns about their failure to tackle corruption and organised crime since joining the EU three years ago.

Romania and Bulgaria have faced repeated criticism from the European Commission for their failure to deal with the problems. This has raised concerns about the countries’ ability to curb trafficking in people and drugs from eastern Europe to the west if they were allowed to join the Schengen zone.

Britain and Ireland are not in the Schengen zone and have separate entry requirements.

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