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Uzbekistan: 39 Prisoners, Convicted Of Religious Charges, Died Of Torture

Posted by Info on 31/12/2010

In 2010 39 prisoners, convicted of religious charges, died of torture in the jails and colonies of Uzbekistan. The relatives were secretly given their bodies and prohibited to report the incidents to journalists and rights defenders, says the report of Independent Human Rights Defenders Group.

The human rights situation has deteriorated in comparison to 2009
. The number of people, suffering from socio-economic problems, is increasing. In the regions – oblasts, districts and villages – the local administration, police and security officers, attorney and judges abuse power.

In 2010 484 citizens of Uzbekistan as well as 14 foreign citizens complained on violation of human rights. Most frequently by citizens whose relatives were illegally detained by police and security officers. They were convicted and jailed on trumped-up religious charges. As a rule, the defendants had been routinely tortured before they faced closed trials.

IHRDG ran 17 cases judicial monitoring of people, convicted of political and religious charges. The group identified that criminal cases against photographer and film maker Umida Akhmedova, deputy chief editor of Champion newspaper Khairullo Khamidov, part-time Voice of America correspondent Abdumalik Boboev and Russian journalist and correspondent of Parlamentskaya gazeta Vladimir Berezovskiy have been trumped-up while the results of judicial processes were ordered in advance. The same scenario was observed in the cases of Gaibullo Zhalilov, Ganikhon Mamatkhanov and some other.

Within a year over 370 believers were detained, arrested and convicted in the secret trials of the membership in the prohibited religious groups such as Nursi, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wahabbism and Zhikhochilar.

The number of cases of corruption, bribery, blackmail is growing in the republic
; as a result, dozens of judges, police and security officers, the number of khokims (heads of local authorities) in the oblasts and districts were fired and brought to trial.

The child labor is continued to be used in cotton fields.
During cotton-picking season the children were forced to work 12 hours per day. The laws on prohibiting the child labor do not work.

One Response to “Uzbekistan: 39 Prisoners, Convicted Of Religious Charges, Died Of Torture”

  1. Uzbekistan said

    Uzbekistan can truly be called a living hell where a citizen can be locked in Tashkent Rehabilitation Center for 30 Days ONLY IF HE FORGETS TO TAKE HIS PASSPORT. I was myself kidnapped by security agencies of Uzbekistan on 10th December 2009 and Deported on 12th April 2010 after spending 124 days in Jail. I was never asked any question and still do not know why I was kidnapped. read my story and then the readers will understand what type of hell is Uzbekistan being supported by the champions of human rights. USA EUROPE.

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