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Russia Supports India To Join SCO As India Is On UN Security Council

Posted by Info on 02/01/2011

Russia expressed its support to India becoming a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and vowed to seek closer coordination over Afghanistan.

THEREFORE Russia also reiterated its support to India’s bid for a permanent seat in an expanded United Nations Security Council.

Hardeep Singh Puri, New Delhi’s top diplomat to the world body has said: “One of our major pre-occupation is the issue of terrorism. I expect that in the coming months we would have to address that issue through the work of the Council.

As such India will prepare a key role in the two counter terrorism committees of the Security Council – the 1267 and 1373 committee.

1267 is the Security Council Sanctions Committee concerning al-Qaida and the Taliban and individuals and entities associated with those organisations.
1373 is the Security Council Committee concerning counter-terrorism and its financing.

“You can expect India to play a very active role in that. This committee deals with issues like building capacities, normative rules dealing with counter-terrorism and dealing with India that is a major area of interest.”

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Is Finland Good Neighbour To Russia By Refusing Being In NATO??

Posted by Info on 02/01/2011

Finland’s President Tarja Halonen said in her traditional New Year’s speech on 1 January, that she had done her utmost to bring about closer and more active ties with all neighbouring countries. The President assured that Finland now had excellent relations with “all its neighbours”, this obviously referring to Russia.

Halonen also pointed out that European Union countries were so closely integrated that what happened in one country was bound to have ramifications in the others. Echoing recent opinion polls, Halonen saw Finland’s neutrality in military alliances and good relations with neighbouring countries as fundamental factors contributing to national security. She stated that the great majority of Finns wanted that Finland stays outside military alliances and that she agreed with their view concerning the fundamental elements of security. Halonen also praised other countries such as Sweden, Austria, Ireland and Malta, who had abstained from full NATO membership while still participating in its peacekeeping operations.

This was Halonen’s second last New Year’s speech. Halonen will deliver her final New Year’s greeting in 2012, when her second term as President comes to an end.

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Russia Joined China In Boycott of Nobel Peace Prize In 2010

Posted by Info on 02/01/2011

Russia has joined China in boycotting this year’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony when jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo will be honoured.The action by the increasingly authoritarian Kremlin is seen as a bid to unite against the causes of democracy and human rights.

The Nobel Committee, which was also angered by China’s refusal to allow Mr Liu’s family to travel to Oslo to collect the award, responded by threatening to withhold the prize for the first time in more than 70 years.

The diplomatic pressure being used by China to persuade countries not to send representatives to the December 10 2010 ceremony in the Norwegian capital was ‘unprecedented’. As well as Russia, Ambassadors from Russia, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Iraq have all declined invitations to the ceremony.

The prestigious £1million prize can only be collected by the laureate or close family members.
Mr Liu, who is the first Chinese citizen to be win the Nobel Prize, is serving an 11-year sentence for subversion after co-authoring an appeal calling for democracy and reform to China’s one-party rule by the Communists.
His wife, Liu Xia, has been under house arrest and subject to police escort since the award was announced last month.
And Chinese authorities are said to have ordered other family members to keep quiet while barring them from travelling.

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Lithuania Takes Over OSCE Chairmanship

Posted by Info on 02/01/2011

1.1.2011 Lithuania took over the Chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, with a focus on internal and external threats in the OSCE area, fostering democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms, notably freedom of the media, promoting energy security in Europe and building upon synergies between regional organizations.

Lithuania is as a part of the Baltic Sea region and a member of the European Union and NATO.

In the Astana Commemorative Declaration, participating States have tasked the Lithuanian and subsequent chairmanships of the OSCE with “organizing a follow-up process within the existing formats, taking into consideration ideas and proposals put forward by the participating States, including in the framework of the Corfu Process”.

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Узбекистан: Ситуация С Правами Человека В 2010 Году Не Изменилась

Posted by Info on 02/01/2011

В конце декабря 2010 года Инициативная группа независимых правозащитников Узбекистана (ИГНПУ) обнародовала список заключенных по религиозным и политическим мотивам. Так, по данным правозащитников, сегодня в узбекских тюрьмах находятся четверо политических заключенных, осужденных уже в 2010 году, чья вина не доказана, двое из них – журналисты. 46 человек осуждены из-за своих религиозных убеждений.

В 2010 году, несмотря на принятые международные обязательства, на хлопковых плантациях Узбекистана активно продолжали использовать детский труд. Хлопок по-прежнему приносит государственным чиновникам колоссальный доход. Цена хлопкового волокна на мировом рынке растет, в то время как его себестоимость в Узбекистане остается на прежнем уровне.

Последний представитель правозащитной организации Human Rights Watch (HRW) в Узбекистане Игорь Воронцов был вынужден покинуть страну два года назад
, не получив аккредитацию.
В конце декабря было отказано в аккредитации и новым представителям этой правозащитной организации Стиву Свердлоу (Steve Swerdlow).
“С учетом того, что в деятельности представительства HRW в Узбекистане отмечается устойчивая практика несоблюдения требований национального законодательства, а также принимая во внимание отсутствие у Свердлоу опыта сотрудничества с Узбекистаном и работы в регионе в целом, Министерством юстиции принято решение отказать им в аккредитации”.

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