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EU to Punish Lukashenko

Posted by Info on 05/01/2011

The EU and the US already introduced sanctions against President Lukashenko and about 40 Belorussian top officials in 2006. However, in 2008, after a warming between the EU and Belarus, the EU suspended – but, still, not fully lifted – these sanctions. In October 2010, the EU prolonged them for another year, but still in the “suspended” stage.

This shows that the EU’s leaders’ attitude to Lukashenko’s regime is dualistic. On the one hand, the EU has to press on the Belorussian regime, trying to make it more democratic. On the other, the EU wants to cooperate with Belarus – in particular, to involve it into the program “Eastern Partnership” for post-Soviet countries.

However, now, when repressions against the opposition in Belarus have become especially tough, the EU has to introduce the sanctions again. Some Europeans even say that the new sanctions must be stronger than old ones.

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