Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Relatives Allege Uzbek Prisoner Was Tortured To Death

Posted by Info on 09/01/2011

Tashkent: Officials returned the body of Ulugbek Gaforov, 32, to relatives on January 4. He had head wounds and prison officials told relatives he died of a blood clot in his brain. His mother, Zukhra Gaforova confirmed that when she last saw her son, on November 4, he was in good health.

When Gaforov was buried the marks on his body indicate he was tortured. The relatives believe he was killed as a punishment for going on a hunger strike in the notorious Jasliq (Youth) prison in southwestern Uzbekistan.

On November 19, Gaforov was among a group of inmates at Jasliq prison who went on a hunger strike to demand the release of their “Muslim brothers” from special disciplinary cells. The hunger strike was violently suppressed and its organizers beaten and forcibly fed through tubes.

Nodira Karimova, the mother of another prisoner, waited 20 days outside the prison for a visit with her son. She said that many visits by relatives to Jasliq had been suspended because they believe the authorities didn’t want relatives to see the prisoners’ wounds.
Jasliq prison chief Qulolboy Berdiyev denied allegations about the way hunger strikers were treated and reports that inmates had been tortured.


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