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Kyrgyzstan Kills Militants Claiming They Are Linked To Extreme Islamic Groups

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

Two suspected terrorists were killed and another was captured in a gunfight in Bishkek.
“This is a religious extremist group whose activists and leaders were trained in specialised camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan,” Marat Imankulov, the first deputy chairman of the country’s State National Security Committee said after the fighting.
“They are adherents of radical persuasions and the brains behind the group aim to create a caliphate on the territory of the Ferghana valley.”

Kyrgyz authorities claimed
the men were members of the Islamic Jihad Union, a group linked to bombings at the US embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and planned attacks in Germany.

The crackdown follows a concerted anti-militant drive in neighbouring Tajikistan, which has seen 33 insurgents killed. (obviously no trials needed)

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Decision Will Be Made On Sanctions Against Belarus

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, met leading representatives of the Belarus opposition on Wednesday. Among them were family members of opposition candidates in the recent presidential elections who have been detained, as well as former presidential candidates and the first head of state of the country after its independence from the Soviet Union.

Ashton underlined the EU’s support for those detained for political reasons after the election on December 19, which was won by Alexander Lukashenko. Following the poll, which was seen as unfair by the opposition, security forces arrested opposition candidates as well as hundreds of others who took part in protest demonstrations.

Earlier sanctions on Belarus were imposed in 2006 after a disputed election, but lifted in 2008 after it appeared that the country was moving towards greater democracy.

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Ассоциация “АГОРА” Ищет Экстремизм В Статьях МГЕР

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

Межрегиональная правозащитная ассоциация “АГОРА” обратилась в Минюст с просьбой проверить на соответствие законодательству деятельность “Молодой гвардии” партии “Единая Россия”. В частности, правозащитники считают, что некоторые высказывания, размещенные на сайте МГЕР, граничат с экстремизмом, возбуждая вражду к “журналистам с определенной позицией”.

В случае, если Минюст обнаружит нарушения закона, материалы проверки должны быть переданы в прокуратуру.

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2009 Convention Against Terrorism of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

Unofficial translation of the 2009 Convention Against Terrorism of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) based on the original Russian presented to the State Duma in 2010 termonilogy Art 2

The member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization,
are deeply concerned by the escalation of terrorism……
guided by the goals and principles of the United Nations Charter….
recognizing that the offenses covered by the present Convention cannot be justified under any circumstances, and that the physical and juridical persons responsible for committing such acts and (or) that are complicit in their commission must be prosecuted under the law,
considering the changes that have occurred in the support for terrorism and in the scale and nature of terrorist acts, and the importance of promoting cooperation,
Realizing the necessity of increasing efforts against terrorism and re-affirming that all measures in preventing and combating terrorism should be undertaken subject to the supremacy of law, democratic values, fundamental human rights and freedoms, and norms of international law,
rRecognizing that only through joint efforts can effective prevention and combating of terrorism be achieved, have agreed as follows:

ART 2.
1. For the purposes of the present Convention the terms and concepts employed in it shall mean:
1) “Party” – a state party to this Convention;
2) “terrorism” – an ideology of violence and a practice of influencing decision-making by the authorities or international organizations through the commission of or the threat of committing violent and (or) other criminal acts connected with intimidating a population and aimed at causing damage to the person, to society, and to the state;
3) “terrorist act” – an act connected with intimidating a population and creating a danger to human life and health that is intended to cause significant property damage, an ecological disaster, or other serious consequences in order to achieve political, religious, ideological, or other ends by influencing decision-making by the authorities or international organizations, or the threat of committing such acts;
4) “terrorist organization”:
a) a criminal group, unlawful armed unit, gang, or criminal society created to commit offenses and (or) that commits offenses covered by the present Convention;
b) a juridical person in whose name, at whose direction, or in whose interests one of the offenses covered by the present Convention is planned, organized, prepared for, or committed;
5) “juridical person” – an organization created in and that acts in the manner established by the national legislation of the Parties.

Article 8
Taking into account the fundamental principles of its legal system, each Party shall take necessary legislative and other countermeasures against the financing of terrorism which include, in particular:
1) registration of data on clients and financial operations, and the preservation of this information;
2) providing information to authorized agencies of the Party regarding suspicious and economically illogical operations and transactions;
3) suspending financial operations having an illegal, suspicious, or economically illogical nature at the direction of law enforcement or other agencies designated by the Party;
4) providing information and documents at the request of a court, procuracy agencies, preliminary investigation agencies, or other authorized agencies of a Party.

Art 11
3. When a Party which makes extradition conditional on the existence of a treaty receives a request for extradition from another Party with which it has no extradition treaty, the requested Party shall consider the present Convention as a legal basis for extradition in connection with the offenses covered by the present Convention. Extradition shall be subject to the other conditions provided by the law of the requested State.
4. Parties that do not make extradition conditional on the existence of a treaty shall consider offenses covered by the present Convention as extraditable offenses between themselves, subject to the other conditions provided for by the legislation of the requested Party.

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В. Овчинский Об Убийствах В России – Bыводы Cенсационные

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

В издательстве ЮНИТИ вышел в свет 800-страничный том с названием “Теоретические основы исследования и анализа латентной преступности”. Это – результат 10-летнего исследования ученых.

Bыводы исследования – сенсационные.
Исследователи применили самые разнообразные методы (сопоставление различных статистических данных, математические расчеты, опросы и т.д.) и доказали, что преступность в прошедшее 10-летие не только не снизилась, но постоянно росла. При этом цифры РЕАЛЬНОЙ преступности в разы отличаются от регистрируемой.

Последние 5 лет руководители правоохранительных органов с постоянством докладывали о снижении общего числа преступлений. Такие же рапорты о достигнутых успехах мы услышали вскоре на итоговых коллегиях МВД, Генпрокуратуры и Следственного комитета.
НO исследование показало, что на самом деле фактическая преступность все последнее десятилетие росла в среднем на 2,4% в год. ..B 2009 году официально было зарегистрировано около 3 млн. преступлений, а по данным исследователей из НИИ Академии Генпрокуратуры РФ, фактически в том же году в России было совершено не менее 26 млн. преступлений!

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Судья из Страсбурга Kритикует Россию – “писаный закон не соблюдают”

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

С критическими замечаниями в адрес России выступила новый член Европейского суда по правам человека Ангелика Нусбергер (Angelika Nußberger), Новый член Европейского суда в Страсбурге по правам человека (ЕСПЧ).

В интервью газете Frankfurter Allgemeine профессор восточноевропейского права из Кельна Нусбергер отметила, что в России решения ЕСПЧ хотя и принимают к сведению, но “мало что делают” для их выполнения.… что в России “писаный закон зачастую не соблюдают”. Она также обратила внимание на то, что судебные процессы, за которыми наблюдает вся мировая общественность, в России нередко проводят в слишком маленьких залах.

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Watchdog Group: Freedom Slipped Worldwide In 2010

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

Freedom House reported that 25 countries showed significant declines in democracy in 2010 with little serious resistance from the democratic world.
The countries declining in their levels of freedom were Afghanistan, Bahrain, Burundi, Cambodia, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, France, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Hungary, Iran, Kuwait, Latvia, Madagascar, Mexico, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuela and Zambia.

The report’s survey of 194 countries and 14 territories around the world found that China, Egypt, Iran, Russia and Venezuela continued to increase repressive measures with little significant resistance from democracies.
The number of electoral democracies dropped to 115, the lowest level since 1995, after reaching a high of 123 in 2005.

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Belarus Closes Private Radio Station + Travel Ban

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

Belarussian authorities on Wednesday closed down a popular private radio station, accusing it of broadcasting calls for “extremist behavior.”

The move against the radio station, Avtoradio, follows the re-election of Lukashenko on Dec. 19 amid huge street protests by several opposition groups that riot police broke up.
Avtoradio’s chief, Yury Bazan, said in an interview that a few days before Dec. 19 the station had broadcast political calls by presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyayev and Andrei Sannikov, two of Lukashenko’s challengers who are now in jail.
Four presidential candidates who ran against Lukashenko are still being held after the mass arrests of political activists and dissidents that have been condemned by the United States and its European allies.

Belarusian border police blocked travel to Europe by Milana Mikhalevich, the wife of a senior member of the Belarusian opposition now in jail one day after she defied a KGB order to refrain from speaking out on his fate. Police detained Milana Mikhalevich for at least two hours before handing her a court order banning her travel abroad pending the outcome of a trial of her husband.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he would no longer oppose reinstating European Union sanctions against Belarus. The source, who attended a meeting between the two leaders on Wednesday, said Berlusconi assured Merkel that he would cease blocking Germany’s push to impose a travel ban on key members of Lukashenko’s government.

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