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Another Uzbek Inmate Dies Suspiciously In Prison – Beaten To Death?

Posted by Info on 16/01/2011

The body of Abdulfattoh Raimokhunov, 48, was given to his relatives in the Andijon region on January 11. According to his death certificate, Raimokhunov died of a heart attack on January 8 in the Jasliq (Youth) prison in southwestern Uzbekistan.

His relatives said that officials forced them to bury him quickly after receiving the body and without allowing an independent autopsy to be conducted. His brother saw him some three weeks ago and confirms that Raimokhunov did not have any health complaints. He was also in good health when his wife visited him last summer but that he had noticed a fresh bruise on his brother’s forehead.

In the autumn of 2009, Abdulfattoh Raimokhunov complained to his brother that a prison guard beat him on the head with a truncheon. Abdulfattoh Raimokhunov is the second case in two weeks in which the relatives of a deceased inmate allege that his death in Jasliq prison was the result of beatings by prison guards.

On January 4, Ulugbek Gaforov, 32, a former Jasliq prisoner who later joined the hunger strikers, died after being transferred to another prison.

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