Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Uzbek Arrested In United Arab Emirates And Face Extradition

Posted by Info on 16/01/2011

Gayratzhon Zoidov, a 43-year-old Uzbek born in Tashkent, was arrested by the officers of special structures on December 31, 2010. Uzbekistan had issued an international arrest warrant that accused him of undergoing terrorist trainings in Afghanistan and claimed that he was related to members of terrorist attacks in 2009 (these allegations, according to acquaintances of Zoidov, are not true).

A photography of Zoidov with the note “informal search” can be found on a document of “special importance”, published by Tashkent’s air traffic control in 2009. Allegedly Zoidov was related to a certain “Umar,” who is searched for in connection with the terrorist attacks in Tashkent in 2009, and one of the Uzbek refugees who was arrested in Kazakhstan after an extradition request.
Zoidov had previously been in custody in Uzbekistan on faked charges. On the evening of February 16, 1999 – shortly after a terrorist attack in Taskent – he was arrested on charges of possession of drugs and religious literature and sentenced to eight years in prison. In January 2003, Zoidov was released under an amnesty.

In 2009 Zoidov again appeared on a wanted list and was forced to leave his home country. He traveled to Kazakhstan, then to Turkey and moved to the United Arab Emirates about a year ago.According to unconfirmed reports, Zoidov was sentenced in absentia to 18 years of imprisonment.

In the eyes of his acquaintances, only the intervention of international human rights organizations can prevent his extradition to Uzbekistan where he might be tortured and sentenced to a long period in prison on dubious charges of political nature.

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