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Латвия Включила Лужкова В Список Нежелательных Лиц

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

Власти Латвии включили экс-мэра Москвы Юрия Лужкова в список нежелательных лиц, передают представители МВД республики. Это решение не позволит ему получить вид на жительство в Латвии.
В конце прошлого года Юрий Лужков подал документы на получение вида на жительства в Латвии; их проверкой в настоящее время занимается МВД республики.

В интервью Линда Мурниеце признала, что, по закону, проверка могла проводиться до 28 апреля, однако предупредила, что решение по Лужкову будет принято гораздо раньше.

“Господин Лужков всегда относился к нашей стран враждебно, он враждебно к ней относился публично. И это рассматривается как угроза для нашей страны. Я думаю, что было бы неправильно, если бы он этот вид на жительство получил, так что я думаю, что решение… будет принято быстрее”, – сказала министр.

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Swiss Banker Elmer Handed Over Data To WikiLeaks

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

Former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer handed over two computer discs detailing thousands of offshore bank accounts to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today, claiming that they contain evidence of massive potential tax evasion and other potentially illegal activity by banks.

Elmer said : “WikiLeaks is my only hope to get society to know what’s going on.”
“I want to let society know how this system works. It’s damaging society.”

The discs are full of details about the Swiss bank accounts belonging to more than 2,000 American, European and Asian individuals and multinational companies, Elmer has said. Among them, are some 40 politicians, as well as business leaders, celebrities, organized crime leaders and three major financial institutions. One of those banks is Bank Julius Baer, the former employer of Elmer.
Also present at the event at London’s Frontline Club was John Christensen from the Tax Justice Network who estimated that $20 trillion is held offshore with the intention to evade taxes.

“Secrecy encourages criminal activity. And bankers…promote secrecy.”

Assange said. “There will be a full revelation.”
Along with vetting the data, the whistle blowing organization is still in the midst of releasing its trove of 250,000 diplomatic cables. So far, the organization has posted just 2,444 cables.

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Former Moscow Mayor Luzhkov On Latvian “Blacklist” -Russian Should Be Official Language In Latvia

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

Yuri Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscowwho was sacked by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev in September 2010 over his lacklustre response to wildfires around the Russian capital, is unlikely to get the Latvian residence permit.

Luzhkov had applied for the residence permit at the end of 2010.. But the Interior Minister Linda Murniece said she had decided to add Luzhkov’s name to a ‘blacklist’ of individuals considered persona non grata. Anyone on the list is ineligible for residency.

One of Luzhkov’s final acts as Moscow mayor was to make an official visit to the Latvian capital Riga in July 2010. During the visit, he caused controversy by stating that Russian should be an official language in Latvia, where around one-third of the population speak Russian as their mother tongue.

Since then, reports that Luzhkov and his wife were looking to buy property in the expensive seaside resort of Jurmala have been a staple of the gossip columns.
Jurmala was one of the Soviet Union’s most exclusive resorts and remains a favourite among rich Russians.
Under amendments to Latvian law introduced last July, citizens from outside the European Union who make significant real estate or business investments in Latvia are entitled to apply for residence permits.

As Latvia is a member of the EU’s border-free Schengen Zone, residents then gain unrestricted access to most of the EU.

Latvian bank Rietumu has run a high-profile campaign to help wealthy Russians apply for Latvian residence permits using the slogan ‘Welcome to the EU.’

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Europe May Blacklist Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

The European Union tends to impose sanctions against the officers and officials relating to the verdict for the high-profile case of Yukos. In particular, not only the judges, prosecutors and investigators may turn up on this list, but also the first persons of the country, like Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin.

The sanctions, which MEPs intend to apply in relation to persons involved in the black list, include not only the ban on entry to the EU countries, but also the closing of bank accounts.

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Is European Court Decision To Throw Out Ossetian Cases “Politicized” ?

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

The refusal of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to consider 1,549 lawsuits against Georgia over the events of August 2008 is “unfair” and “politicized”, said South Ossetian FM Murat Dzhioyev. The cases were filed by a group of over 3,300 Russian and South Ossetian peacekeepers over the violations of the European Convention of Human Rights during the Georgian attack on South Ossetia in August 2008. The Court ruled to strike out the lawsuits over a failure by legal representatives of the applicants to supply additional information.


Soon after the war (i.e. in September-October 2008) the group of approximately 200 people from the Russian prosecutor’s office was seconded from Moscow to Vladikavkaz. They were instructed to find the people who fled Samachablo/South Ossetia in relation to the war and “assist” the local lawyers from Vladikavkaz to submit on behalf of these people as many applications to the ECtHR as possible thus about 3,300.

The fifth section of the ECtHR then selected seven cases which it believed reflected all of the factual grounds based on which those 3,300 application were submitted. Those seven cases have been communicated to the Government of Georgia and its written observations on their admissibility have been requested….The Government of Georgia submitted its observations in a due time and then, following the regular procedure, the ECtHR transmitted those observations to the applicants’ lawyers for their response. Here the extraordinary story begins.
For whatever reasons, there was no reply from the lawyers. After the deadline for responses passed, the Court has twice sent a reminder to them, but no answer came. Because the lawyers representing five out of the seven applicants whose cases were communicated to the respondent government were also indicated as representing the applicants in 1,544 other cases and given the notification on the possibility of applying the pilot judgment procedure, the Court came to conclusion that the applicant parties were no longer interested to continue the proceedings and accordingly decided to strike out those 1,549 cases based on article 37 of the ECHR. Here the official story ends.more here

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Премьер Путин Может Оказаться В “Черном Списке” Евросоюза

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

Премьер Путин может оказаться в “черном списке” Евросоюза из-за причастности к делу Ходорковского. Речь идет о списке российских чиновников и должностных лиц, в отношении которых могут быть введены санкции в виде запрета на выдачу виз и замораживания банковских счетов.
B в этом “черном списке” могут оказаться не только следователи, прокуроры и судьи, занимавшиеся делом «ЮКОСа», но и первые лица государства, включая Путина и вице-премьера Сечина.

На минувшей неделе в Европарламенте звучали призывы к введению санкций в отношении российских чиновников, причастных к суду над фигурантами дела “ЮКОСа”. В Москве в свою очередь упрекнули европарламентариев в спешке, поскольку приговор находится в стадии обжалования, и еще не вступил в законную силу. А спикер Госдумы Борис Грызлов назвал разговоры о санкциях попыткой давления на Россию.

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Russia: 10-Year Study Slams Police Crime Figures

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

A total of 3 million crimes were registered nationwide in 2009, according to official statistics, but the real number of crimes committed that year — including unreported ones — stood at 26 million and will reach 30 million by 2020, according to a research group with the General Prosecutor’s Office Academy.
The number of crimes has been growing by 2.4 percent a year, with millions of wrongdoings going unreported, the group said in a mammoth 840-page volume that took 10 years to produce and was published last week.

In contrast, Investigative Committee head Alexander Bastrykin reported in October that the number of crimes in 2010 had plummeted by 13 percent.

Official statistics show a drop in the number of murders — from 34,200 in 2001 to 18,200 in 2009 — but they only reflect the number of criminal cases that were opened. Taking into account reported murders where no cases were opened, the figure would stand at 46,200 for 2009, the group said. But even this figure appears incomplete, considering there were 77,900 unidentified dead bodies found that year and another 48,500 people were reported missing.

Calls to the Interior Ministry’s press service went unanswered. Prosecutor General Yury Chaika indirectly acknowledged the problem last year, telling that while the number of registered crimes had dropped by almost 7 percent from 2008 to 2009, the number of reported crimes that police had refused to register was growing.

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OSCE: Lithuanian Chairmanship’s Plans For 2011

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

The OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Ažubalis would work to protect the Copenhagen principles and support the work of OSCE institutions in preserving the principles, which comprise wide-reaching commitments in the field of human rights.
This represents an essential element of ensuring comprehensive security and effectively addressing protracted conflicts and other challenges in the whole OSCE area, including Moldova and Georgia, as well as Kyrgyzstan. Tangible progress in addressing protracted conflicts is one of the priorities of Lithuania’s OSCE Chairmanship for 2011.
Ažubalis emphasized that OSCE institutions should intensify their engagement with Belarusian authorities and stimulate the government’s engagement with civil society.

Lithuania would advance human rights, including the safety of journalists, freedom of expression and pluralism in the new media in the whole OSCE area. He also emphasized the importance of education to promote tolerance.

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