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Swiss Banker Elmer Handed Over Data To WikiLeaks

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

Former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer handed over two computer discs detailing thousands of offshore bank accounts to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today, claiming that they contain evidence of massive potential tax evasion and other potentially illegal activity by banks.

Elmer said : “WikiLeaks is my only hope to get society to know what’s going on.”
“I want to let society know how this system works. It’s damaging society.”

The discs are full of details about the Swiss bank accounts belonging to more than 2,000 American, European and Asian individuals and multinational companies, Elmer has said. Among them, are some 40 politicians, as well as business leaders, celebrities, organized crime leaders and three major financial institutions. One of those banks is Bank Julius Baer, the former employer of Elmer.
Also present at the event at London’s Frontline Club was John Christensen from the Tax Justice Network who estimated that $20 trillion is held offshore with the intention to evade taxes.

“Secrecy encourages criminal activity. And bankers…promote secrecy.”

Assange said. “There will be a full revelation.”
Along with vetting the data, the whistle blowing organization is still in the midst of releasing its trove of 250,000 diplomatic cables. So far, the organization has posted just 2,444 cables.


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