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Кадыров Требует Сурового Наказания Для Орлова, Главы «Мемориалa»

Posted by Info on 19/01/2011

Президент Чечни Рамзан Кадыров настаивает на предельно суровом наказании для главы правозащитного центра «Мемориал» Олега Орлова, обвиняемого в клевете на чеченского лидера.

«Я дважды общался с Кадыровым в Чечне. Он настаивает на максимально возможном с точки зрения закона наказании для Олега Орлова», — сообщил 18 января адвокат господина Кадырова.

B июле 2010 года следственные органы предъявили обвинение председателю совета правозащитного центра «Мемориал» Олегу Орлову по делу о клевете на Рамзана Кадырова в связи с убийством правозащитницы Натальи Эстемировой. Это преступление вызвало большой политический и общественный резонанс. Глава центра «Мемориал» публично заявил о личной или опосредованной вине Рамзана Кадырова в гибели правозащитницы. Сам Олег Орлов в суде свою вину не признает.

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Премьер-Министр Владимир Путин И Сказочный Дворец

Posted by Info on 19/01/2011

Сергей Колесников сообщает о том, что для Владимира Путина на берегу Черного моря строится огромная вилла«в стиле итальянского палаццо», напичканнaя разного рода предметами роскоши. Там есть еще казино, зимний театр, амфитеатр для использования в теплые летние дни, чайный домик, плавательные бассейны, вертолетная площадка, а также виноградник для изготовления элитных сортов вина. Стоимость проекта… в миллиард долларов, то есть примерно в 770 миллионов евро.
Фото здесь

Что позволяет Колесникову делать такие предположения? Сам предприниматель в настоящее время находится за границей. Выдвинутые им против Путина обвинения он повторил в интервью, которое он дал по системе Skype авторитетной московской экономической газете «Ведомости».

С момента вступления Путина в должность президента в 2000 году эта сумма накапливалась «путем комбинации с использованием коррупции, подкупа и воровства», считает Колесников. По его словам, новое руководство сначала добилось получения щедрых «пожертвований» от дружественно настроенных по отношению к Кремлю олигархов, и эти средства были использованы для закупки медицинской техники.

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Russian Head Of CIS Anti-Organized Crime Bureau Detained

Posted by Info on 19/01/2011

Lt.Gen. Alexander Bokov, has been detained in Moscow on embezzlement charges.
Bokov, whose 2009 registered annual income was one million rubles (about $33,000), has been accused of stealing $46 million. He is suspected of extorting $46 million in 2005 from a Russian businessman for assistance in buying a majority stake in a transport company, Markin said.

Over the last few years, Russia has seen two high-profile corruption cases, including one with Lt. Gen. Alexander Bulbov, a former senior drug control official, who received in 2010 a three-year jail term for illegal schemes with his retirement payments and abuse of office.

In 2006, another top official from the Emergencies Ministry, Gen. Vladimir Ganeyev, was charged with organizing a criminal group, abuse of office and falsifying investigation documents over a period of six years and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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In Belarus Two More Independent Journalists Jailed

Posted by Info on 19/01/2011

Boris Goretsky, a local reporter for Poland-based Radio Racyja, was arrested by KGB officers in front of the agency’s detention facility in Minsk. He was interviewing relatives of people being held by the KGB. Goretsky was taken to a local court in Minsk, where he was sentenced to 14 days in jail for alleged participation in December 19 protest rallies.

Also Monday, police in Mogilev arrested reporter Yevgeny Vaskovich at his apartment, his newspaper, Bobruisky Kuryer, reported. Police told the journalist’s mother that Vaskovich was sentenced to 10 days in jail for “hooliganism” that allegedly occurred on December 16.
The newspaper said neither its staffers nor Vaskovich’s relatives were aware of any such “hooligan” incidents. Vaskovich was among more than 20 journalists imprisoned at the December 19 protests in Minsk; he spent 12 days in jail.

The CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney: “It’s not the journalists in Belarus who are the hooligans. It’s high time the government ended its media crackdown, released all jailed journalists, and returned equipment seized in its numerous raids on reporters’ homes and offices.

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Posted by Info on 19/01/2011

Russia’s website was blocked on Wednesday following publication of photos of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s alleged $1 billion an Italian-style palace on the Black Sea coast. PHOTOS

A Washington Post quoted a Russian whistleblower named Sergei Kolesnikov as saying the palace was predominantly paid for with money donated by Russian businessmen for Putin’s use. The funds have come “mainly through a combination of corruption, bribery and theft,” charged Kolesnikov, a businessman who until November 2009 worked for one of the companies he alleges was investing money for Putin.
A Putin spokesman later dismissed the report, saying the building in question had nothing to do with Putin.
NEWS from Spiegel in German

On January 14, the Piracy Party announced the creation of “Russian WikiLeaks” and invited users to send in documents related to corruption, concealment of crime and other socially critical information.
The site’s founders said they had taken precautions about the security. Its servers are based outside Russia, the domain name is registered to a foreign national and all information posted on the site is duplicated in real time on special pages in social networks.

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Latvia Becoming Russia As Rapidly Descends Freedom Of Speech Ladder

Posted by Info on 19/01/2011

Just a couple of years ago, Latvia boasted one of the highest freedom of the press ratings in all of Europe, being ranked 7th on the annual Reporters Without Borders index. But in 2010 Latvia fell almost 50 places.

Ilze Nagla, a Latvian TV reporter, has been interviewing politicians for socially important stories for 20 years. One of those interviews got her into serious trouble. After Ilze broke the news on a security breach in Latvia’s state revenue body, police came to search her apartment.
“With force they opened my door and went inside. They told me they had a search warrant. Once they acquired information from my computer, they also acquired information on my sources of information, which by law I am allowed to protect. So the problem was for me as a journalist that I failed to protect my information sources.”

Experts say that it is by far not the only one.

Sergey Kruk, a professor at Riga University, recalls another incident of the same nature: “A scholar from the Ventspils Higher School of Economy was charged by the secret police – and he was actually arrested for two days – for disseminating an alternative opinion on the state of the local currency. He said that the devaluation of the Lat was imminent. We are losing the last support for alternative information among the press outlets in this country.”

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1,064 People More Included In Latvia’s List Of Personae Non Grata In 2010

Posted by Info on 19/01/2011

Most of them have been blacklisted due to violations of residence laws, residence permit terms or for working illegally in Latvia. ( because of good wages or discrimination ?discrimination?)

In total, there are 5,000 people on Latvia’s list of personae non grata, however, this number constantly changes. Latvia’s population is JUST 2.23 million.

The list also includes people whose presence in Latvia “is not preferable” – people who pose threat to Latvia.
The interior minister had received information regarding Luzhkov’s private plans in Latvia, and that an inspection on this situation was to be concluded by the responsible authorities by April 20. However, Murniece made the decision to include Luzhkov on Latvia’s list of personae non grata right way.

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European Parliament Set to Condemn Belarus Crackdown

Posted by Info on 19/01/2011

The European Parliament is discussing a draft resolution on Belarus that will condemn the crackdown following last month’s presidential election and call for a repeat of the disputed vote.
The text will be put to the full parliament for a vote on January 20 in Strasbourg.

The drafts condemn the crackdown on opposition candidates and protesters when police used force to break up demonstrations following the December 19 vote that returned President Alyaksandr Lukashenka to power.

The texts also call for a free and fair repeat of the election, which was criticized as flawed by international observers and western governments.

The drafts also urge more support for civil society in the country and back moves to provide more scholarships to the European Humanities University (EHU), based in Vilnius, for Belarusian students who were suspended from universities after taking part in protests.

There are also calls for a reopening of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) office in Minsk that was shut down by Belarusian authorities.

Some Parties Calling For Economic Sanctions

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56% Россиян Путают – Не Верю Что Демократия Означает Порядок

Posted by Info on 19/01/2011

Большинство опрошенных определили термин “демократия” как свободу слова, печати, вероисповедания, как порядок и стабильность, как экономическое процветание страны, а также как строгую законность.

Больше половины россиян – 56 процентов – считает, что для России важнее порядок, чем демократия. . При этом, отмечается в пресс-релизе аналитического центра, опрошенных не смущает, что для достижения порядка возможно придется пойти на некоторые нарушения демократических принципов и ограничения личных свобод.

23 процента россиян, напротив, считают важнее демократию. По их мнению, соблюдать демократию нужно даже в том случае, если это дает свободу в том числе разрушительным и криминальным элементам.
Tрети россиян –36% заявили, что порядок без демократии и демократия без порядка в российских условиях невозможны.

Расхождения во мнениях
Высказывать свою позицию в России решаются лишь отдельные граждане или СМИ – этого мнения придерживаются 10 процентов респондентов. 11 процентов убеждены, что многие из тех, кто открыто выражает свои взгляды, рискуют жизнью. Еще 10 процентов уверены, что в России полностью отсутствует свобода слова. Таким образом, более трети опрошенных считают, что проблема со свободой СМИ в России очевидна.

Так, 16 процентов полагают, что в России каждый может свободно выражать свое мнение.
Еще 16 процентов считают, что ситуация в общем, за исключением ряда запрещенных тем, благоприятная. И, наконец, 28 процентов опрошенных назвали уровень свободы слова в России в целом удовлетворительным.

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